Keyboard warriors

Keyboard Warriors

We’ve all experienced the keyboard warriors at some point in our life.  Or maybe its you who’s got the fighting fingers.  In this video we give a simple but fun take on those people that everyone hates.

In this episode you are going to learn all about keyboard lovers and keyboard warriors and how to shorten the gap between the brain and what happens at your fingers or thumbs.

You have all probably experienced a keyboard warrior at some point, its not necessarily a troll but is someone who is hot to share their opinion or is annoyed about something and want to set the world alight with it, feeling that their words when they are typed and posted and they matter, making a difference.

During a conversation it was said that people these days normally use their phones rather than an actual computer, perfectly calling it ‘brave thumbs’. The individual didn’t have an ounce of bravery or courage in their whole body other than their thumbs!

A classic example recently, without going into much detail, we had just released the Tartan Panther Workout video and someone who was obviously passionate about the Black Panther as a symbolic animal, started slating a lot of people as he didn’t believe in the use of the black panther!

It’s also worth mentioning, even though this is about the keyboard warriors, but what we have experienced recently and many others too, are the keyboard lovers!  It’s generally the same thing but some of the comments that are made online would never be said to someone in person.

What is happening is people are saying their inner most thoughts, people might comment something in their own words ‘I really like that, that’s got my mind wondering,’ which is fair enough, however the comments that go into graphic detail would never be said out loud to someone!

99.9% of the comments we get from our fans are awesome and we love getting the comments through however, take a second to think of how the comment is coming across and if you wouldn’t say it in real life, then don’t say it t all!