Kettlebell Challenge

This week on The Kilted Coaches we bring you the KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE!!!

We hope you are all just as excited to try this as we are.

Check out the video below to find out how to do a safe and effective kettle bell swing and hang around until the end for a fun little challenge that will help you to become super fit.

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It’s always a clap start, isn’t it?


We are The Kilted Coaches and today we’re going to talk about exercise .

For a change.

Well we promised you the most effective forms of exercise

And we’re gonna deliver.

We’re gonna deliver on our promise.

Most people over complicate their exercise, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

We like to keep things simple and we’re going to make full use of bum bum bum… Kettlebells.

Because we love kettlebells.

If you wanna get super fit choose an exercise

and become bloody good at it

Just work bloody hard

So we’re going to take you through it today one simple exercise. One simple exercise that we want you to master

The Kettlebell swing

That’s right let’s get swinging

Let’s get swinging!

We’re not encouraging people to go swinging we’re encouraging you to get swinging

Keep your keys out the fruit bowl

I can’t believe you said that mate. Right, ok talk us through it then, Coach Stephen.

Right so I’m going to move this one out the way, so, what we’re looking at to start with the kettle bell swing you have to first master a basic squat movement, ok. So we’re just from the hips dropping down and it’s just it’s literally not much of a squat we don’t want to be sinking into the thighs. We just want to be pivoting from there back, allow the kettle bell to swing between the legs and then we power we thrust, Rab, can turn to the side a little bit more. You’re basically looking to thrust from the hips, the gluten and the hamstrings, lower back do a lot of the work, thighs get working as well.

It’s all in the hips.

It’s all in the hips.

This works much much better if you don’t wear a sporran.

I’m not going to lie to you it’s a bit precarious down there.

So, there’s various different kettle bell techniques, but this is the technique that we’ve chosen, that we feel is the safest that’s why we apply a bend to the knees.  You may see different things on line but our track record no one’s really been injured.

No one’s been injured.

No one’s ever been injured doing our technique.

A lot of people actually pivot a lot more from the hips and don’t actually bend the legs so it comes over end up tearing the hamstrings, you can get lower back injuries, some people like to teach that technique, we don’t. We like to keep it nice and safe, a little bit softer on the knees and using the things a little bit more.

And ultimately we are gearing it towards if you’ve never tried kettle bells before so let’s try a nice safe technique


Rap was using a 12kg weight there.

I didn’t want to build up too much of a sweat

Yeah you’ve got to choose something that’s appropriate. Now, typically you’d lift a bit more than that, yeah?

Yeah I like to go a bit heavier with the kettle bells but pick a moderate weight that’s comfortable for yourself we’ve got a little challenge for you which we’ll come to in a minute but once you pick you’re weight give it a go swing as much as you can, if it feels comfortable and you feel like stepping up a weight get another kettle

It wants to be intense you know if you start swinging and you think I could do this for about five/six minutes, it’s not heavy enough, it wants to be powerful and after just a few minutes you really want to start being fatigued

It needs to be progressive as well

It does need to be progressive

And therefore step up the weight


I think this is the point where we introduce our challenge

Oh yes, our challenge, well what we say is pick a song that you like and we suggest no meatloaf right because those songs are pretty damn long. So pick something in the charts that you like and your goal, bat out of hell i’m sure that’s 8 minutes long don’t pick that, pick a song that’s in the charts maybe three to four minutes tops and your goal is to put your favourite song on and swing from the beginning until the music stops.

Yep, and we want to hear what songs you’ve chosen because we’ll give it a go as well, right? and we’re definitely not choosing meat loaf

You don’t want to hear my girly play list thats not going work

Yeah so let’s hear what songs you’ve chosen and let’s see if you can get to the end of your song.

Right so once you’ve got your song

Make a plan

and once you’ve got that plan you