Justify Your Existence

Justify Your Existence

The odds of you even existing are beyond comprehension 1 in 100,000,000 to be precise, so our question to you is… are you leading a worthwhile life?  And you may say, well ‘who is to say what is worthwhile and what is not?’  Well, that is why the judge is someone special…

Would another version of you lead a more worthy life if they were in control, than what you have done?

Remember the episode of Red Dwarf with ‘The Inquisitor’ and he would ask you to justify your existence, what contribution have you made to the world? Then the questions were asked ‘who are you to say what is right and wrong?’ “Who is to say that we have lead worthy life or not?’

So this brings on  another question…’are you the best version of you??  If you were to be judged and asked if you had lead a worthy life…and who better to be judged by than yourself!!

Are you doing everything within your power to be awesome!!??