Just slow down….when life gets too hectic.

Just Slow Down…

In this hectic life every now and thedjust slow down.  Sounds simple but its vital for preventing work related stress taking over your life.


So I’m guessing you have all seen in movies, sometimes its for effect, also giving you the illusion that peoples senses are heightened because everything is slowed down.  This mindset lesson is all about just trying to slow down life in general.  Things go at 100 miles an hour, constantly receiving emails, text messages, facebook messages and stupid coaches on youtube sending you videos!!  Basically just a constant bombardment of senses, so we’er here to tell you to slow down!


The problem is, if you are trying to do everything at 100 miles per hour, granted there are certain tasks that need to be done quickly (like sprinting) but when you go too fast sometimes mistakes are made.  When you go too fast for too long you can become stressed or anxious! You also miss things.  You can often miss some beautiful things in life because you are focused on whats in front of you and always pushing forward!  Just slow things down, take a look around you and enjoy the view.  That might be taking a step back from your work.  If you are self employed, have your own business or career or even in full time education.

By all means work hard at this things and when you are there be fully committed, but when you are not forget about it and relax.  Due to the way the human mind works, we can get more energy into something when we have taken a complete break.  So just slow everything down and enjoy it!  Go for a walk, see friends and family enjoy the things you love!

To conclude…

More often than not, you will solve that problem when you are not thinking about it.  When your mind is relaxed and when your brain is relaxed its much more creative and it can solve problems without too much energy.