Jump In With Both Feet

Jump In With Both Feet…

To jump in with both feet is sometimes the only way to go when trying to achieve something you really want.  By giving it your full attention, your goal has a much higher chance of success if you go all in.

We have given a lesson on something similar to this in the past, however this is a different way of looking at it.  As with all our mindsets, some may appeal to your personal phycology and others won’t, so this is definitely a nice way of looking at it.

People may advice you one way or another saying you shouldn’t just jump into things!  Which is true, you shouldn’t just jump in to things.  You should plan and prepare beforehand, but when you are 100% sure that that is what you want, then you just have jump in with both feet.

Analyse your situation…

Think to yourself, what new venture am I going on.  It might be something to do with your health and fitness, as you are watching this channel it might well be just that.  It might be planning a trip to Scotland! Many people have said this recently to us!  Analyse it, look up the pros and the cons, plan it, how much will it cost you, how long will it take, what is it going to do for your life and the benefits of it.  Once you have made that decision then just jump in with both feet! Stop the back and forth with changing your mind and just do it!

Too many people say ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that’ and don’t do anything about it.  Too many people have one foot in the water and one foot on land saying I’m not quite sure if this is for me!  Just jump in with both feet!

Our challenge to you…

Think about your own situation, it doesn’t have to be about health and fitness, it can be about any part of your life what so ever.  Think about any venture you are contemplating, very quickly analyse it and assess it and make a decision, then jump in with both feet.

It may be a job or business opportunity, if you are one foot out the door and one foot in the door, then you will never give it 100% of yourself.  If it is definitely for you, then jump in with both feet.  Give it your all!