It’s OK To Be Offended

Its OK To Be Offended…

Many people often change their behaviour and companies have been known to change policies…. all in fear of people being offended.  As we discuss in this video, being offended is nothing more than a whinge based on nothing but your opinion.

This weeks episode is all about being offended.  The message is…its ok to be offended.  You don’t have to make big deal about it!  It doesn’t change the world, it doesn’t change any laws or any behaviour.  There is a saying that I love and is so fitting, ‘just because you are offended, it doesn’t make you right’.

This is our point today that there are far to many people get offended and they go on a bit of a rampage about being offended.  All it really means is that you have an opinion on something.  If something offends you, then it maybe goes against your opinion.  Or is the extreme opposite of your beliefs.  Might not even be a slight disagreement that you can debate, it is the complete opposite from what you believe in and is offensive to you!!

The point we are trying to makes is, if you feel offended, be a little more mindful about this and ultimately, if you feel offended that is an emotion and it tells you something about yourself.  So look into that, it is also a really good way of getting to know things about yourself.  In this day in age, far too many people go about their day not fully understanding themselves.

For Example…

Stephen Fry said that when people are offended, it is a way of whining!  Now, imagine that your are at a social event, this is why crying or complaining about being offended is very dangerous.  If you are at a social event and are socialising with 20 people, your then start a discussion with someone.  You very quickly realise that their beliefs are the polar opposite as yours and know you will not get on.  What would do?  You would be more than likely just walk away and think you will not spend any more time with that person.  Whatever it is they are saying offends you and makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy.

Why I’m saying this dangerous, due to social media, when someone is offended they feel the need to scream and shout about it!  Some people will then go on a rampage to try and change the thing that offended them.  Again, when you are offended it is just a difference of opinion.  Wether its right or wrong.  If you were then to go on a rampage and try to change their thinking, its a very fascist way of thinking!  Im going to control your way if think so its the same as mine!  Just because you are offended doesn’t make you right!!