Its Not About The Destination, Its About The Journey.

When you are constantly projecting yourself forward into the future, you miss out on everything in the present.

Today is all about appreciating the journey and not always looking for the destination. In life, we are sometimes planning ahead and can’t wait to be at the next stage and the next. You book a holiday and can’t wit to be there. You’re doing a course and you can’t wit until its finished. Just enjoy the journey.

Life is all about living on the moment. There is nothing but a series of nows, all that exists is now. So when we always think about the future, you’re living your life in the future and you’re missing out on so much goodness and joy in life.

When you think about it, animals are prime examples of living in the moment. They don’t think about the future, they don’t think about the past. They just think about the moment right now.

Most people go through the motions of making a cup of coffee in the morning and they think about getting the buzz from the coffee. ‘Im not myself without my coffee’! They just make a simple coffee and just drink it. They don’t really appreciate the sequence that you go through. It can made into a bit of a ritual to make your coffee and we can guarantee you will enjoy it a lot more!!

Advertising companies play on this and its very cleverly done. From now on it should R and S coffee (Rab and Stephen coffee). The advert slow the process right down and make you appreciate every little moment, to the point where your think its looks amazing and really want that coffee!

Some people go out walking but don’t take notice of the scenery that is around them! You can enjoy a lot more in life if you just take a second and appreciate what’s around you. Just looking around and appreciate all the small things.

The other thing is, when you’re training a lot of people will go to the gym or they will go out for a run or do a class, and all they are thinking about is ‘get it done, just get it done’. You’re just putting yourself at the end of the workout. That can be good in some circumstances but we can guarantee much better results, much better muscle activation and definition and much better fitness if you focus on the individual moment!

If you really appreciate how your muscle feels when you’re going through these exercises. So live in the moment and appreciate the journey that you are on! Live life by every second!