Isometric Holds Workout

Isometric Holds Workout…

Isometric holds workout. An isometric contraction is method of training where the joint remains static whilst the muscle is placed under tension. What this means simply.. you hold some more…you hold even more until it burns! This routine is suitable for most people but particularly those that may have joint issues where isotonic contractions wouldn’t be advisable.

Isometric holds.  You can use your bodyweight or you can use some weights.  Today we are using kettlebells and rocks!!  The idea behind this is you don’t have to go through a full movement contraction to work your muscles.

If you maybe suffer from arthritis or you have joint pain you can actually hold your joints in exactly the same place, under tension and you can get an awesome workout from it.

Again, under tension, its time under tension thats important here.  So the longer you can hold each position the better!