Is The Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Its time for another Mindset Monday! Start your week off the right way. With every new adventure or idea you are presented with, you have to ask yourself this…Is The Juice Worth the Squeeze? Is the potential outcome/reward worth the effort you’ll put into it?

Is the juice worth the squeeze? In this instance…NO! So we are bringing you this very zesty lesson today! This is more than about orange juice! In may things in life, whether it be your work/business, any decision you are going to make, you need to ask yourself is the effort you are going to put in worth it?

Lets Talk About Fitness…

This can come in to many different factors. Lets talk about fitness to begin with. With fitness, you see too many people at the gym busting a gut, doing stupid exercises and spending hours at the gym doing endless exercises trying to lose weight. It gets you thinking is the juice worth the squeeze when you are focussed so much on the small muscle groups. The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze. You may get little toned muscles but if a re carrying a little too much body fat, its not really going to be effective.

You are going to need large, compound movements. The real calorie burners, the big heavy duty movements, and then once you have got yourself down a few pounds, then the juice is worth the squeeze working on the smaller muscle groups. By all means do as many bicep curls as you want to really tone up the arms and get the abs going but until you have got a lower body fat percentage to show these muscles through, the juice is not worth the squeeze!

What Type Of Squeezing Are You Using…

This brings us to our second point is the type of squeezing that you do! So if your goal is weight loss or is getting stronger and you’re focussing on these small muscle groups or going to a class that isn’t really relevant to what you are doing, yes you are exercising. Yes you are burning some calories, but your method of squeezing is not going to produce the exact results you are looking for.

Lets Talk About Nutrition…

Lets talk about the nutrition side of things. Is the juice worth the squeeze? Again, we see a lot of people and still hear to this day on comments expressing people have been gluten free for 6 months now and i’m not seeing any results. SO we then ask why are you gluten free? Are you gluten intolerant? What are you trying to achieve by doing that? Some people may say i’m going to go vegan trim doing then carb diet! A lot of people a lot of effort in to the nutrition and forget about the fundamental principles that actually get results! If you want to be losing some body fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. What ever your dietary needs or preferences are, if you are still eating too much and not exercising, the juice is not worth the squeeze and you won’t see the results you desire! You will just make yourself miserable!

Again you can apply this same philosophy to your business life or your work life. Financially you might be ok and you get offered a slight change of shift which offers more money. Suddenly the change of shift means you can’t get your exercise done in the morning, what ever the change, it effects your life so much! Yes you will have more money but you’re not going to be able to spend it on the things you want in getting healthy so the juice is just not worth the squeeze!

Think about everything that you are doing in life and think about the effort that you are putting in to the different areas of your life, and always ask yourself that question! Only you will know the answer to that question!