If you want yourself out of a hole, you must first put down the shovel!

When you come to the beach you’ve just got to dog a hole right!! The lesson that we have for you today is if you want to get yourself out the hole, you must first put down the shovel!  Obviously this is a metaphor!  Basically what this is saying is, generally with health and fitness or life typically, you can end up digging yourself a hole!  The only way to get out of the hole, is to stop making it worse to begin with!  

So if you are wanting to get ft and healthy but you are eating rubbish, you must first stop eating rubbish because that is making things worse!!  What you have to understand is, we are very habitual creatures.  We do things in cycles, its the way the brain works.  So if you are in the cycle of going on crash diets or eating rubbish food, it could be something that you think is a positive thing but always ends in a negative, like restricting your diet too much which then reduces your metabolism which then makes you crash the diet and you then put more weight on its just a cycle where you end up digging yourself into a deeper hole.

If you are digging a hole, you might actually be using the wrong type of shovel in the first place!  All yourself, why are you digging the hole on the first place!?  What purpose is the hole serving?