How To Spend Your Time Wisely!

Its time for another mindset Monday and this episode is all about ‘how to spend your time wisely and finding the right balance between work, rest and play.

There are 24 hours in each day and with everything that you have going on in your life, it is important to get a good balance every single day. So finding balance in your life is very important. You have 24 hours in a day, most people, if you are lucky, will sleep 8 of those hours. Generally speaking most people will work fir 8 hours, take off another 2 hours for getting ready for work and travelling to work. Taking off another 2 hours for meal times. So you have 4 hours left in the day! Thats a lot of time!

So you have 4 hours to you, every single day! So how are you going to some yours? You need to fins a nice balance. Look at the time you have left each day and prioritise it. Try and understand where you are going to spend your time and is it worth your time. Exercise might take up an hour but that has so many benefits. Its going to act as a sort of entertainment, its going to keep you healthy and its you time! Its something for you. You will be killing a lot of little birds with one stone.

Then you have 3 hours left. We always like to come across as the very positive angle. How are you going to prioritise your time? What do you want to spend time on? But….we are going to mention the negative side of thing here…and that is…what are you wasting time on?? Its things like social media! As much as we want you to watch our videos, if you are scrolling through nonsense and not getting any benefit from it then its time wasted!! We have literally seen people waste hours of their timeframe doing this!! Looks at the tasks that you are spending your time on and ask yourself is it worth it? What are you getting from it? If you are watching one of our awesome videos, then its educational or relaxing for you. If you are just scrolling through news feed and just seeing peoples statuses after statuses, there is nothing intriguing about it, then you are literally wasting your time.

So rather than thinking about how you spend your time, its easy to spend. Think about investing your time, what are you getting back for every hour that you invest? If it is literally just scrolling with your thumb through nonsense and not really learning anything from it, then it is not a wise investment. its going to make you emotionally bankrupt! You have taken too many withdrawals and you haven’t put anything back in. Whereas if you spend an hour of each day exercising, yes are burning calories and maybe build up some muscle, the long term effect of that is you are going to have more energy. You are going to feel better on a day to day basis. The investment is huge!

You want to start thinking about being smart with your investment because within your 4 hours, you might want to see friends or spend time with your family but you also want to exercise. So if you out these thing together…you can spend time with friends, family and exercise at the same time! You have then saved even more time!!

Look at your life and ask yourself is not balanced all the hours of the day. How are you spending yours!?