How To Rise Above It!

How To Rise Above It…

‘Rise above it’s a phrase that most people have heard but very few people can visualise how to apply it to stressful situations.  It was also a great excuse to showcase our new drone!

So today we want to talk to you a little bot about coaching you to rise above it!  Definitely a lot of people have this phrase rise above it, but what does it actually mean and do you apply it to your life to increase your happiness?

So its easy enough for someone to say just rise above it in a situation where blame is getting passed around.  However, that in itself doesn’t really help.  Its an idea of what to do but its not a how to.  So we are going to tell you today how to ‘rise above it’.

Often it can come either from gossip, or someone shouting at you or if you have wronged somebody in some way.  It can be applied in many different situations.

Usually the situation will pull you in and if you stay in that situation or stay engaged in it, you will just lose a lot of emotion, negatively.  You will spend a lot of energy worrying, getting anxious or getting angry about whatever the situation is.

The main thing here is, what would happen if you did not rise above it?  Is it going to help you towards your end goal? A lot of people operate from an egotistical point of view.  If someone has hurt your ego or gossiped about you, then often its the ego that does arguing or the talking and ultimately reacting to the situation.

Our Advice to you…

So what we are saying to do is rise above it.  Have an elevated mindset!  Think about what the end result will be, is the end goal to get your revenge?  Ultimately that will end up in unhappiness!  Or is the end goal to be happy and healthy??

So using a bit of imagery, we literally want you to pull yourself up!  Rise above yourself and look down!  When you are in a higher heightened position, suddenly the problem doesn’t seem that relevant anymore!

Often this can become both space and time, so by rising above it, you can see the bigger picture.  You can then see the different people reacting within each situation.  You can then really get to grips with your own mindset.  Say to your self, how do I want to react to this situation.  Asking yourself a very logical question.

The other angle on this is time.  By thinking of yourself from up high, you can actually see it from timing perspective.  Saying in 6 months time, or 12 months time, am I really going to care?