How to let it go

How to Let it Go

Emotions are there to let us know how we feel about a certain situation.  But when you experience the same negative emotion time after time, with no real solution presenting itself, you need to learn to let it go.

Doing this in your head or meditating is one method but doing it physically can be very powerful and great fun.

Everybody has an issue or a concern that frustrates them or annoys them, it can come about for any reason.  It might to do with something that you personally cant do much about or it could be the fact that you can do something about it but its a big hassle to do!  This has then annoyed you because it has come about and given you more work or stress on your plate…just to name a couple of examples.

So, what we are looking to do is, understanding that negative emotions, feelings or thoughts are not you, they are not part of you, its just something that you experience from time to time.  It’s only when you see it separate from yourself that you can analyse it a little bit more and look to see why its affecting you, why you are experiencing it in the first place.

Anxiety is an emotion that many people experience from time to time, which is very normal, however its when you believe its part of you that it can really bring you down.
This is when you need to remember that it is not part of you and it is just an emotion that you experience.

Something that can help with certain emotions, if you feel nervous or anxious try not to get absorbed into that emotion by saying ‘I am nervous’ or ‘I am anxious’ it then becomes your identity.  The best thing to do, we feel, is to say to yourself ‘that’s funny, I’m feeling a bit nervous/anxious at the moment’, and its when you say ‘that’s funny’ you then disassociate yourself with the negative emotion, thus learning to let it go!

If you allow certain situations to ball up inside you, you can have that hanging over you for the rest of the day, therefore it’s really important for you to try and laugh about it and let it go!

Talking about these emotions or issues is one thing, to make it more powerful, if you have an emotion that you don’t want to feel anymore, then doing this physically is much more effective.  The Chinese lantern method sounded great, writing the issues or the weight lost onto the lantern and then letting them go, metaphorically letting the issues go!  However, they can be dangerous in wooded areas causing fires or damage to wildlife, so using a new method, we have come to the driving range!

Using the golf balls and putting all the negative emotions, metaphorically, into the golf balls and hitting them as hard and as far as you possibly can!!

So its really important to channel all the negative emotions into what ever it is you trying to get rid of.