How to Insult in Style

So Rab and I have just been discussing a few different things.  One of the main things we have been discussing are our potty mouths!!

So if you are new to the channel we can tell you that we have just finished filming fir a TV project, which is quite exciting…BUT one of the things we have had to do is clean up our act a little bit.  However, we still have our principles and wan to be ourselves.  We want to insult each other, we want to insult you  and we want to get insults back!  Thats just how we role!  There will still be swearing…dont worry about that!!  From time to time, we do have to clean up the way we talk!  

One of the movies we were discussing was Demolition Man, basically, because they are in the future they don’t get aggressive and its illegal to swear in the future!  

So the idea we have got, we need your help!  Billy Conolley says that f**k off has no English equivalent!  You cannot translate it in to English!  So having said that, we want your best insults or put downs and then the polite English equivalent!

Give us ammunition for firing at each other and then the polite way of doing it and we will feature the best ones in a video at a later date!