Health Through Your Feet

Be healthier and happier be experiencing the world through your feet.

So todays lesson is all about experiencing the world through your feet. too common in todays world we are always putting shoes on our feet, boots, heels anything that stops the direct contact with the sole of your foot, the skin, and the ground itself. Now when you think about it, your feet are the connection between you an the whole world. For that reason, there is a few things that you should consider.

The first being the physical nature of your feet. You have multiple bones. multiple joints through your ties, through the feet themselves, through the ankle that should be able to move, that should be able to twist and turn according to the ground that you are on. This then has a knock on benefit for the rest of your body because the more your feet experience the twist and turns, it then starts to send signals up your legs through your ankles then through the rest of your body and then ultimately to your brain, that keeps us mobile and very healthy.

Now someone who has suffered from plantar fasciitis, its painful and its frustrating! I developed mine from wearing heavy, hard soled boots! They were not designed for the type pf walking that I was doing. What it was doing was not allowing my foot to fall properly and that footwear, from that, all the muscles that are based in the feet need to be able to move on different textures and surfaces. When you then slam them inside a very solid boot you then get lots of problems.

So thats the physical side of things. The next point being the energy balance between you and the world. We have something called ions within our body. A positive and negative balance that we have to maintain. As you know, the best way to stop electricity is to have a rubber surface. Which is why we have rubber tyres on the car, rubber soles on your shoes, constantly indoors. We are always protecting ourselves. How often do we walk outdoors in our bare feet!? This energy transfer is very important for your health and well being, mental and emotional well being as well!

Much like children when they are young, they want to explore different textures and different feelings. When you are out and about, try and treat your feet like they are children. You want to get out, you want to allow them to feel all these different textures and surfaces. Really get them challenged over different surfaces, soft surfaces or slightly firmer. Hot, cold and really give them the sensations they deserve.

So this is our challenge to you, is to step 1…as soon as you get home, take your shoes and socks off and just walk barefoot in your own house. This is the absolute bear minimum you should be doing, walking barefoot in your own home. Step 2…Either walk in your own garden or a park in your bare feet, just standing on the ground will be enough It will create this ion balance that will make you feel so much better. Will help you sleep better and in turn have more energy.

Step 3… start exploring different textures. The obvious one that people go for is usually sand, try walking on grass or mossy textures. Logs and even uneven surfaces, really challenge the muscles on the base of your feet.

Step 4…is taking it to the extreme a little bot more. Try ice cold water, walk in the snow if you can, it will be uncomfortable while you are there but if you experience that and once you get out of it, the feeling is insane. It is just a good feeling. So experiencing the extreme cold on your feet and then warming them up. What you will then do is increase the blood supply to your feet. Now I know a couple of people who’ve very bad circulation in their feet, actually going into the ice cold water might sound counterintuitive, however the cold constricts the blood vessels, then the minute you get out, you experience a sudden rush of blood to the area, which intern open uptake blood vessels, creating better circulation making you super healthy!