How To Handle Unwanted Behaviour

How To Handle Unwanted Behaviour

We live in a world where strangers have the ability to give you their opinion, pass judgement, be grotesque or leave a passing comment.  These may not mean anything to them but could mean the world to you.  Here is our advice how to handle that.

Recently we have had a couple of comments from our members reflecting on our live streams.  We often get colourful comments, which we ignore.  Sometimes they can be aggressive, in terms of aggressive in their angle.  Really just taking offence to anything we say.  Other times its just dirty!  Sometimes comments of what they would like to us or what they would like us to do ourselves!  Colourful is the best word to use for these comments.

What we get asked about these comments is ‘do they bother us’? Or how do we nutlet it bother us.  We sometimes get told how amazed people are how we don’t bat an eyelid.

This all comes back down to the very simple mindset of we are who we are and these comments are only a reflection of the person leaving them.  Water off a ducks back!  It doesn’t really bother us, purely because we are our own men and we don’t allow the opinion of others to change ours.  Unless they have a valid point.

Often, these comments that we get, regardless their nature, they come because these people have got a certain expectation.  If someone was to say ‘you guys aren’t funny’ then thats fine.  They have a certain expectation of what is funny.  If they say that we should be doing something that we don’t want to be doing, its usually because they have an expectation.  Thats all it is!  It is a reflection on their expectations rather than us as people.

Emotionally Invincible…
Emotionally invincible, or…unfuckwithable!!  After seeing this on a post I just thought is was a great word!  Someone had made it up and basically mean you cannot mess with us.  Emotionally, mentally you just cannot mess with us!  We are who we are and you cannot mess with that!  This is something that we try to tell all our members within the clan. We try to help people with is as much as possible.

We jump on calls to help them out but when you highlight certain things to them, it then messes with their heads and they then start to apologise for the way they are. However, we encourage people to be happy and proud of who they are.  You’re the best version of you.

It definitely comes back down to what you take pride in.  Growing up, a lot of guys have a certain amount of ego.  That ego might be due to your body, I pride myself in having an awesome body.  It might be pride in having money or a nice car. Might be pride in your career.  Just remember there is always someone with more money, someone with a bigger house or a better job.

However, there is no one more you than you!  So take pride in yourself and there is nobody more me than me!!