Greek Yoghurt/Honey – 52 ways to do porridge

Greek Yoghurt and Honey Porridge.


This protein rich recipe from the Kilted Coaches is quick, highly nutritious and tastes damn good.


The Kilted Coaches Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields LOVE porridge, LOVE greek yoghurt and LOVE honey. Combined…. and they are in heaven.

We’re constantly talking about getting more protein into your diet but there is only so much chicken and eggs you can eat. It’s great to have another idea on how to increase your daily protein content.

Greek yoghurt is packed full of protein if you choose the right brand. Most yoghurts in the supermarket are ‘Greek style’ and the protein is modest.



Fifty two ways to do porridge this week

Greek yoghurt and honey

Dare I ask, what are we gonna call this one?

Eh, we’re gonna call this one Greek goodness

I’m one arguing with you, Greek goodness it is

Greek goodness porridge

Let’s get stuck in

So this recipe’s really straight forward you cook up your oats first of all

Add some Greek yoghurt

How long do we cook our oats?

Oh, how long do we cook our oats for?

Ah, ****, there’s a reoccurring theme here I keep forgetting, there’s a two in it

Pretty sure there’s a three in it as well

I think it’s somewhere in between

Two to three minutes

We’ll settle on that

We’re not a hundred percent sure so we’ll go for two to three minutes

Two to three minutes

Let’s cook some oats for two to three minutes

It really is that simple, cook your oats, add the greek yoghurt and add the honey


Now when it comes to your greek yoghurt one of the major benefits of this, it’s going to be the protein content, and you really want to be looking for about ten grams of protein per 100g of yoghurt

So at least ten percent?

Yeah about ten percent. So you know a good helping of it you’re looking at about ten to fifteen grams of protein which is a decent serving

Also, Greek yoghurt’s very high in calcium so good for the bones to prevent osteoporosis

We’ve got our porridge wee bit of green yoghurt on there, now obviously you add to your own taste, I love this stuff

Looks good, eh?

There we are, just to sweeten it up a little bit more,

oh yeah

Look at that

Right, it’s my turn

Let’s do it

Through the lips and over the gums look out stomach, here it comes. That is pretty damn good.


Greek Yoghurt and honey porridge

Goodness Greekness me and Rab’s just tucking away and it’s all disappearing just like that. He’s just eating it all

Oh man, that is damn good

It is, isn’t it?

That really is Greek goodness. It’s really just that whole mixture of flavours, you’ve got the porridge, then you get a kick with the greek yoghurt, a wee bit of sourness and then the sweetness kicks in with the honey.

So there we have it, Greek goodness and honey porridge.

So, what do you’s think?

What are you?

What the hell are you?