Go Big or Go Home

Are you still living your same old life hoping to achieve different result?  Too often we hear people talking about what they’ll do when they are fitter.  How their diet will be when they’re not so stressed.  

What are you waiting for??  Go Big or Go Home!  

So todays lesson is going to be go big or go home!  We are going to start with a bit of a scientific nature by quoting Einstein!  We are going to out some physics in to our physical!  Einstein quoted ‘everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can’t help but get the reality you want! It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics!’ 

You have to match the frequency of the reality that you want, which means if you are that person who’s jeans fit perfectly inside, you have to match the frequency of that person.  What do you do on a daily basis?  How do you love your life?  They say that doubt is the biggest restriction to what you can achieve.  We are big believers in forward projection, putting our thoughts out there into the world and attracting what it is we are trying to achieve.  So if at any point we doubt why we want to achieve, that puts road blocks in our way.  So for us, we want to go big or go home.  We are thinking about the end goal, we have to think big and go big or there really is no point!  

If you are following a weightless journey or a fitness regime and you start putting road blocks in your own way, you are allowing doubt to restrict your progress.  So you have to really think and believe what you really want to be!  It will then manifest itself if you put the energy into it!  

Even if you have made progress to this point, what we want you to start thinking about is all the the thoughts, feels, emotions, actions that got you this place will not necessarily get you to where you want to be. Think about the reality that you want and match the frequency of that person.  Think about the person you are deep down and the person you are going to be when you have everything in order!!  Go Big or go Home!!