Get out of your own way!

Video transcription

Get out of your way! Todays lesson, simple as, get out of your own way!

Get out of your way! What do we mean by that? When it comes to being creative, in life we should always be creative, we’re creating our own lives anyway but more often than not we constantly react, overthink things, constantly reacting to your environment. By doing so you get in the way of progress!

We are trying to break it down, you have got your conscious and your subconscious or unconscious mind if that is what you want to call it. Your unconscious mind might have the solution, it might be fired up, it might be motivated to work towards your goal. Your conscious mind just says f**k that!

We have something called universal intelligence, this is getting a little bit more on the spiritual side of things, so will keep it quite plain, the universal intelligence or the subconscious are all connected. We can tap into this, but you can’t do it via the conscious mind, your thinking mind, your thinking mind id useful for certain scenarios but when it comes to your personal growth, get your thinking mind focussed on an objective and then get out the way!

Basically let your subconscious mind do its job! Problem solve for you or drive you onwards or keep you going! Don’t let your conscious mind become self destructive force, we have all done it! You have had a long day, your working towards a good health plan, you’re training well, you’re supposed to be exercising that evening, the conscious mind starts to come up with stupid ass decisions that your unconscious mind would kick its ass for.

Emotions take over, you could workout or you could do a bit of journalling because that would help, or you can sit on your backside and watch some tv and just be entertained at.

You’re conscious mind just gets a bit arrogant, saying id don’t need to do that journalling, I don’t need to do that extra gym session because I know better, The unconscious mind is like ‘get out the way’

The thinking mind can be very useful, its good to sit and daydream. Now daydreaming mind is a bit of a cross between the conscious and unconscious mind. When you really get into a deep daydream, its annoying when someone comes up to you and asks ‘what are you thinking about’! they realise that you are own this trance state daydreaming, its this sort of cross between. One of the lines from John Lennon, Imagine, ‘you’re a dreamer but I’m not the only one’ now I would say absolutely! You should be allowed to dream, because why not!! You should be dreaming of the absolute picture perfect reality of you and then…get out the way!

Give yourself permission to dream and then just simply get out the way and live that life. Just be that person, don’t over think it, don’t over analyse it, just be!