Get More Willpower

Willpower is something you can get more of when you know how it works. Every decision of your day is important.

This weeks lesson is all about willpower and how to cultivate it. willpower is one of those things that a lot of people believe that you have willpower or you don’t. That is just not true!

Everybody has a certain amount of willpower and the more you train this willpower, you can level up. Thats the game analogy. You have an energy bar and when opportunities come your way throughout your day, for example a friend asks to go for coffee and cake, the minute you consider one of those naughty options you are taking a little bit away from your willpower depending on which choice you make.

What you have to consider is every single decision that you make through the day will take a bit of energy away from your energy bar, however when you make a good decision, that energy is very quickly replaced because the mindset becomes strengthened. You start to believe in yourself a little bit more and the more good designs you make, it makes decisions a little bit easier in the future. However, when you make a bad decision, when you crumple under the pressure, then future decisions become harder and harder.

Now the more good decisions you make, you get stronger overall day by day. Thats why, lets say if you were following a weightless programme and you had a weakness for chocolate biscuits, if then get a week or two under your belt of no chocolate biscuits, everyday after that gets easier because you already have two weeks under your belt. This is why we advise simple tricks like don’t buy them in the first place, take everything tempting out of your cupboards! Making your first two levels easier for yourself, building yourself up stronger.

Willpower, cultivate your own willpower by making strong, small decisions. every small decision has a knock on effect. It might sap your energy initially but it will cultivate a strong will!! Motivational Farmers!