Get A Good Nights Sleep

Get A Good Nights Sleep…

Some of us can suffer from sleep issues at some point inner lives and its important not too panic. There are many tips that you can follow to help minimise this issue and hopefully get you back to sleeping like a baby.

So we are going to chat to you today about sleep.  Now this is something that has come up within our clan quite recently.  People are following the instructions, doing al the nutrition and workouts and perhaps they are not getting the results they are looking for.  A lot of people say that the 3 pillars of health are Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep.  However, we like to say that there 2 pillars of health.  There is Exercise and Nutrition and they are built on a foundation of good sleep.  Without good sleep, all the exercise in the world will not make any difference.  It is the recovery of exercise that is going to make you fitter and stronger and without sleep you will not get that recovery.

All the tips we are going to give you today, it is important that you do as many of them as you can.  We gave some tips to one of our clan members and it wasn’t until she tried all the tips together that she got some results.  Although some of the tips might seem insignificant, you need to combine them all in order to get the results you are looking for.

Our Advice…

We like to think if it as health and wellbeing like a big machine containing a lot of little clogs.  Some of those clogs might be well oiled up and working efficiently.  Sometimes its just one of those clogs that isn’t as effective that can cause an issue.  Therefore, it is not a case of trying one thing, keep adding to it and progressing along the way and doing everything you can to get a good nights sleep.

One of the first go to’s is as simple as switching off all electrical devices.  They have a background hum that you don’t always hear but your subconscious does.  Depending on the electrical device, some of them will give off a certain signal which changes the energy fields around you.  Leading up to bedtime, in all the rooms in the house, especially the bedroom, turn all devices off!

Thus also means your phone!  Don’t make the excuses that you need your phone as an alarm, we can all use an alarm clock!  If getting fit and healthy is important to you then sleep must be important to you!

More steps to follow…

Next stop is stay away from screens.  Keep off laptops, iPads any computer screen about 30-45 minutes before you want to go to sleep.  If you want a good sleep, Gert yourself a good book.  Stimulate your imagination and allow yourself to drift off into a nice relaxed state.

The next stage we can address is supplementation and foods.  Foods high in the amino acid tryptophan and having them later in the day can help you sleep.  Magnesium will also help promote a better nights sleep.

Another thing we advice is earning a good nights sleep throughout the day.  People may complain about not sleeping well but won’t actually do anything to earn a good nights sleep.  This is where your exercise comes into play.  Try and have an intense exercise session for about an hour.  Your general activity level should also be elevated.

On top of that, if you are really struggling to sleep, you want to start looking into things like meditation.  There are lots of different forms of meditation.  What is important here is in the early stages, when you taking all these new methods on board.  Sometimes when you just lying there in bed telling yourself you need to sleep, the more you will stay awake.  So sometimes you just need to relax and try a meditation technique.  If you allow your to relax, it will your body to recover.