Fix Your Lower Back and Tummy

Fix Your Lower Back and Tummy…

There are a lot of us that suffer from lower back pain, whether its from heavy lifting at your work or perhaps the opposite, sitting in a chair all too often.  In the case of post pregnancy, lower back pain is a very common issue. Find out how to fix all of the above in this video with some very simple yet effective techniques.

So the workout today we are in this lovely Roman Forte.  We are talking about re-wiring or re-aligning your body due to imbalances.  Now sometimes that can happen for a number of reasons, to break that down by definition, your body is using less efficient muscles to do a particular job.  In sprinters, if we are talking about athletes, it tends to be that they are not using their glutes.  With footballers because they kick the ball all the time, the minds connection with the quads is very heavy, so when they sprint they don’t tend to use the glutes.


To give you another example, for me personally, when I was in the forces, we did a lot of tricep press ups, thats the narrow position and pushed.  As a result, the from of my shoulder are over active.  Ever since then, one had to really stretch those muscles out before id o any sort of bench pressing.  Therefore being a less efficient way for my body to work.

For another example is during pregnancy.  For a number of reasons, not necessarily if you have a section, but if you do what happens is your body says ‘right, the abs are damaged’ so we are now going to look for other muscles to perform the simple task of sitting up.  The problem is, if you don’t sort this out afterwards, the brain will take over and continue to use those muscles that its recently rehearsed.  You then end up with all sorts of problems.

Even if you haven’t had a C-section and just a normal pregnancy, while you have a lot of weight at the front, plus the baby is stretching the abs.  You also have to contend with that weight.  So what you end up doing is leaning back slightly.  Then your lower back becomes super tight and your abs become completely switched off because they are being stretched.