Fighting Fit Lifestyle

Fighting Fit Lifestyle…

Are you tense?  On edge?  Always looking to protect yourself but risk burning out, constant fatigue and even depression?  Coach Stephen is currently learning some important lessons in Judo which actually apply to life.

So coach Stephen has zero miles in the tank!  Lets hope he gets home with getting stranded in the middle of no where!!

So after having a discussion and deciding coach Stephen wants to be like Batman and Coach Rab wants to be like Bane!  Within these goals, I need to make sure that business is running smoothly so that I can go and fight crime!. Ultimately it is my physical fitness and my fighting ability.  Now I have done a bit of boxing in the army but I wanted to think of a new sport and I want to be black belt in something! So I took up judo!  Now coach Rab has done Judo before, which then spurred on a conversation which then created todays insight, inspiration and reflections.

What we were discussing was different techniques, after speaking to people that either do Judo, Jujitsu or something similar, some of them advise, during training, to try and not use strength and just go for technique.  Which has a lot of merit because you have got to learn a technique in order to be good but there is a lot to be said for strength.

After this, we then started to discuss different tactics to winning.  You have the explosive strength, where they use the strength and a high level if technique, but at that there comes a cost.

Judo Training…

At the moment I am a complete beginner and have only had 4 sessions and I’m the only white belt in the class.  My only advantage is that I have a little bit of strength behind me, there fore that is exactly what I am going to use when we re doing a few movements and getting the better of each other.  However, what the black belts are saying is, that is all about movement.  Even though you are strong you have to be able to move but I am very rigid, always trying to obtect myself and trying to use my strength.

So when we were discussing it, we realised that this was a metaphor for life!  Rab was then explaining what we should do instead of choosing strength all the time.


So the 2 sides to the coin are using either the explosive strength and go for the quick win, or bide your time letting the other person tire slightly and then for the gradual gaining of the position, wearing them out and then get the win.  Both ways have their merits.  All of this can be related to life!  At which point do you use short, sharp, explosive strength and at which point do you play the long game.  Ultimately what this come down to is fo you do have that explosive power ability, in judo, then its better to be as fluid and as effortless as possible.  Manoeuvring your body and when you see the opening and something that you want, then you go for the power and burst off energy.

This is exactly what we are talking bout for life.  You should be going around your life with ease, life should be easy and enjoyable and fun, but every now and again you will see something that you want or something that you need to take action on, that is when you need your short, sharp burst of power.