Drop Your Banana Beliefs

Drop Your Banana Beliefs

Are your banana beliefs holding you back? Limited beliefs.  We all carry with us a belief system that can either empower you or hold you back.  We often tell ourselves stories astonishing why we can’t achieve a certain goal and convince ourselves that these beliefs are facts and there is nothing we can do about it.  It’s time to let them go!  Drop the banana.

So today we have a really simple principle and its all about monkeys and bananas!!  We all have got ideas and belief systems that can either empower you or prevent you from moving forward in life!  Sometimes we can really take ownership ion these beliefs as if they were factual or true and really hold you back.

For Example…

So we will give you some examples, start nice and simple…’I can never lose weight.’  We are the experts in weight loss we like to believe, on elf the most common things we hear is ‘id love to lose weight….BUT’ with numerous different reasons as to why they can’t lose the weight.  Obstacles that that person has ingrained into their own mind and for what ever reason I’m not built that way or I’m naturally big and they convince themselves that its a fact.  An unchangeable fact that unless there is a magic potion that will find a different way, they are not going to lose weight because they are definites and absolutes and they are never going to change.

Another example…

It can be something as simple as ‘I would love to lose weight but I have had kids and im never going to be the same again’ What we are going to ask you to start thinking about is monkeys and bananas!  So there is a bit of a myth going around that there is such a thing as monkey trap!  Now what happens is there is a box with a hole in the box, just big enough for a monkeys hand to fit through.  Within the box is a banana.  When the monkey sees/smells the banana he puts his hand into the box and gets hold of the banana.  He then try to pull the banana out!  What happens then is the monkey cannot get his hand out of the box while holding the banana!  As he doesn’t want to let go of the banana because that is his food, no matter what he is not going to let go of that banana!

SO what is actually happening is it holding him back!  So that monkey believing that he needs that banana, he’s not letting go no matter what, its actually just holding him back.  That banana is your belief systems.  So if you want to analyse  what you believe, the way you are living your life and ask yourself ‘am I just holding a banana?’