Don’t Be Derailed.

Every Monday we bring you something to help your mindset and motivation for your health and fitness. This week we’re encouraging you to stay focussed on your success instead of waisting time energy and emotions on anything you can’t control!

Understand that crappy things happen all the time. What are you going to do about them when they happen?

So Rab and I have a lot going on at the moment, we have a big project going on and everything was running really well. Then all of a sudden a few things started to slow down and then we are really down about it! So we had to catch ourselves and had to take all of it with a pinch of salt and realise that although things had slowed down, everything was still going really well. This then got us thinking and talking about a particular mindset principle that we like to chat to clients about.

Our Principles…

We often use these same principles on ourselves, for this one in particular it is don’t be derailed by any situation in life. We were having a great day and an email flew in, it was something we would have to deal with. We were out actually on a walk and we had to deal with it pretty much straight away. So we stopped and dealt with it there and then. As we carried on walking, it was then that we came up with the mindset. We could let this on thing annoy the rest of our day but instead we chose to just deal with it, put it to one side and carry on.

For example…

It reminds me of a story someone described to me once as, imagine somebody can up to you and handed you £1440. Before you can even put it in your pocket, I take £2 for a tax because I carried all the way here for you! Stephen could stand there and be like, he’s off with my £2! How dare he! He could really get annoyed about it and potentially spend another £10/£20 getting that £2 back! Ultimately he should look at it and think I’ve still got £1438! Now That breaks down there is 1440 minutes in a day and you going to meet unpleasant people throughout your day! It might be something stupid like meeting someone at the traffic lights and they cut you off for example. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, they will steal 2 minutes of your happiness and you let it affect the rest of your day!

You should really just let it go and move on and enjoy the fact you have these bonus minutes. Every single second that passes in your day belongs to you! You will never get that time back, so spend it wisely! If somebody does steal a few minutes of your time or a little segment of your happiness, try to forget it and move on and not give them more of your time thinking about it!!

Remember keep the end goal in mind! Where is your life going? What are you aiming for? Everyone has something on the horizon that they are working towards, so don’t be derailed by any situation or person, even your own thoughts! Don’t be derailed and stay focussed on the task in hand!