Declutter Your Life – Are You A Hoarder?

Declutter Your Life – Are You A Hoarder?

Clutter in your environment will clutter your mind.  The more ‘stuff’ we have, the more our minds have to focus on and when you try to focus on everything you focus on nothing.  Our advice is to minimise the ‘stuff’ you have and focus on what is actually important.

Are you cluttering your life with stuff?  This basically comes down to a fundamental principle, that a cluttered environment clutters your mind as well.  Imagine your front room and there is stuff everywhere!  Even just sat amongst it you feel frustrated and not to sure what to ficus on.  That them translates into the brain and when you have clutter in your environment, your mind then cannot focus on the task in hand.

For Example…

Your work desk for example, you might have collected post-it notes, letters, things to deal with and things of importance and before you know it 2 months have passed and it is all just clutter.  It is then very hard to focus on just one task because there is just mess all around you.

So this is something that you can use to your advantage, for instance Rab and I use an app on our phones to create a top do list.  That to do list then serves as your daily reminders.  Whilst there are tasks on the list, it is like there is clutter on your phone, there re notifications on there saying you have this to do today.  You then can’t really rest until everything is ticked off list.  It can be a very positive thing to have, its actually an ideal way of living your life.  Everybody has mess in their life somewhere, in their home or bedrooms, wherever!  Everything in life should have its place!

Just before Christmas I moved house, I was given a piece of advice a few years ago.  Its very simple, ‘when moving house, very quickly, get one absolutely clear room’ and thats the room you chill out in until the move is complete.  If you have 1 liveable room that clear and set up exactly the way you want it, you can relax and chill in that room, giving you the energy and bring your stress levels down and allow you to finish everything else.

A quick tip…

For a quick little tip, you might be watching this and thinking ‘Actually, my partner is mega messy, there is no way that I can maintain a tidy environment with my partner’ then have your room, your space the way you want it and that will help keep your stress levels lower.

As a challenge, if you have an area of clutter then get it organised!!