Dark vs Milk chocolate

Have you ever wondered whether you would be better eating dark or milk chocolate? Let the Kilted Coaches give you their take not things.

So, what are we talking about today?
Well, today we’re going to talk about milk versus dark chocolate
What’s your favourite?
My favourite’s dark chocolate I have to say but I am prone to having a little bit of white chocolate, white chocolate?
White chocolate?
Milk chocolate
Milk chocolate
That’s a different kettle of fish that one. I like a bit of dark chocolate and I like a bit of milk, actually.
So nutritionally we’ll have a little look at it. So, dark chocolate is higher in calories
Yeah, because of the fat content but that’s a good thing
Yeah. Dark chocolate has half the sugar
and really we’re all about health, we know that sugar is a bad thing, let’s cut out more of the sugar and go for the dark chocolate
Comparing it to dark chocolate has four times the caffeine, I don’t know whether thats a pro or a con. Depends on your caffeine intake.
It certainly does and to be honest the caffeine that you’re going to get from dark chocolate if you’re a coffee drinker, which I am, the caffeine from dark chocolate is like a drop in the ocean.
Yeah, you’re not getting very much at all.
Dark chocolate also has four times the theobromine so for anyone who doesn’t know what that is
Aye, that’s right, theobromine
Sounds like bromance to me
and that’s good for lowering blood pressure so that’s got four times the amount
Well there you go. I’ve heard that dark chocolate lowers your blood pressure and now we know why
It’s the theobromine and that’s not bro science that is real science
So we need to kind of fight milk chocolates corner here cause I feel we’re kind of bashing on it a wee bit
I know, I know. Let’s face it we all know the health benefits of dark chocolate
and milk chocolate tastes damn good
When it comes to diet and lifestyle Is say if you want a bit of white, eh white chocolate, milk chocolate in your life then its not the end of the world. It depends on how much you’re having and how often you’re having it
If you are going for dark chocolate aim for 70% cocoa or above
oooh, what about a little bit of flavourings? Do you like a little bit of flavourings into it? I’m prone to a little bit of mint. I like mint chocolate. Really dark, like if you get 85% dark chocolate with a hint of mint into it.
Or a wee bit of orange in there?
It’s nice, It’s nice, try it.
What else about dark chocolate? white chocolate? milk chocolate? I’ve mentioned white chocolate a few times so by accident. where does white chocolate fit into this? I believe it’s even higher in sugar than milk chocolate.
We’d need to ask the milky bar kid
We do. That used to be me when I was like five.
I don’t think we know too much about white chocolate actually
No, let’s leave the white chocolate alone
Yeh, just dark or milk just leave it at that
if its a choice between dark and milk chocolate then you have to look at the rest of your diet. I would say normally speaking go for the dark chocolate, ok, it’s going to be really good fats, it’s going to give you more caffeine, more theobromine
To lower your blood pressure
Lower your blood pressure
So, day in day out dark chocolate is going to be better.
And if you do make a plan to eat chocolate then stick to the damn plan.