Coconut Porridge – 52 ways to do porridge.

Fifty two ways to do porridge, this week
Coconut heaven
Crazy coconut
Crazy coconut porridge
Right, let’s get stuck in.
So, instead of using hot water we’re going to use some coconut milk
Crazy coconut milk
Crazy coconut milk
So, coconut is full of medium chain triglycerides which have just got all sorts of health benefits, so, get on it
What we do is we add a little bit more, the coconut milk is just not enough, we want some desiccated coconut as well.
Thicken it up a bit
So, let’s just and to be honest i’ve no idea how much of this to use
We’re just winging it really
We are just winging it
How’s that looking?
Starting to thicken up anyway
You aren’t half wrestling with that pack there, mate
Oh aye
It’s important to get it in though, take your vitamins
Say your prayers, brother
We just let that boil for two to three minutes
It’s always two to three minutes
Presentation’s everything, right?
There we go
Three wee bits of coconut
Pop that up there
What do we call it?
Crazy coconut porridge