How to Burn Fat Fast

How to Burn Fat Fast…

How to lose fat fast! This is a common question we get asked all the time so here we showcase a real fat burning workout that will stress the muscles into tearing up calories. Ideal if you’ve just returned from a lazy holiday. Please consult your doctor before attempting any of these routines to ensure they are suitable for you.

After finding a location, we have a good solid workout for you.  For this workout, basically what we are going to do is push you to your limits and going beyond.  Too many people spend too long in the gym not really doing much at all.  Although we are going to show you the extreme of it, you don’t necessarily have to go to this extreme, but it just gives you a few options.

So every now and again, ultimately what we are going to do today is go until it burns.  Then we are going to do some more!  We want to get to a point, i’m going to regret saying this, we want to get to a point where we are collapsing in a heap.  When your legs or your arms just can’t support your body weight any more!  You collapse, dust yourself off, get up and go again!

First up we have a wall sit.  Most people can do this, place your back against a wall/tree and then you just hold.  This is going to start to burnt the thighs, you will get some lactic acid building up.  Depending on how fit you are, you might get some lactic acid build up after around 10 seconds.  When you start to struggle you just keep holding and holding until you are on the floor.
Next…press ups!  Apply the same principle as the wall sits…just keep going until you can’t go on!