The best Scottish Insult

Scottish Insults

The best Scottish Insult!  So many to choose from, but the kilted coaches give you a break down of their top five insults in this video.  Feel free to use some of them on your friends!!

When you brave the cold conditions you cant help but swear…so we bring the top five Scottish insults!!  So we are going to count you down from five to one in true cliffhanger fashion!

In at number five….‘ Away and Shite!!’…basically this insult is used when someone is speaking out of their bottom!!  You know that they are speaking rubbish so you tell them…’away and do a poo!!’

In at n umber 4….’Bawbag!!’….ultimately you are calling someone a wrinkly piece of skin that nobody ever wants to look at…the scrotum or ball sack or Bawbag!!

In at number 3…’Fanny!!’….calling somebody a fanny, meaning something different America, in Scotland, fanny is the ladies front bottom!  Basically, if someone is acting like a fanny they are just been an idiot or being a vagina!!

In at number 2…’Shut your puss ya daft c**t’…this is a bit of a long winded one but…ultimately it means…shut your mouth you vagina!!

In at number 1…’Yer Maw!!!’…our favourite…Yer Maw…its a classic play on your mother joke!  This trumps any joke you tell, it doesn’t matter what you say in advance if you say this line, you win the slagging argument!  Everyone loves your mother jokes, now in Scotland they are taken quite seriously, so if you want to slag off someone’s mother its a bit like ‘hold on, don’t say that!!’  Rather than waist your time coming up with the most clever joke, we just simply say ‘Yer Maw!!’