The Best Exercise For Burning Fat

The Best Exercise For Burning Fat

There is no such thing as the wonder pill exercise for fat loss.  However, if we were to entertain the idea of the best exercise for fat burning this would be our answer.

People want to hear a specific answer to this question.  They think I need one exercise that I need to do to burn this fat.  However, its not as simple as that.  People like the wonder pill, however in fitness its not that easy.

Although there is not a definitive answer, there is a generalisation that we can take you through.  So we are going tot are you through the best exercise for burning fat.  What we are looking to do is gross motor movements.  So, basically any exercise that works as many muscles as possible through as many range of motions.

To out it simply, try to lift as much weight as you can through the biggest range of movement possible.  For example, lifting a weight from the floor to above the head.

Examples for each level…

We understand that there are going to be different people at different levels asking this question,  So what we are going to do is take you through three levels.  The best exercise for a beginner, take the weight across the back of the shoulders, feet just outside shoulder width apart and weight through the heels.  Next mimic sitting down on to a chair. A good rule of thumb with these is to go as far down as you possibly can while maintaining good posture.

The best exercise for the intermediate trainer is the dead lift.  If you have never done this before we do recommend seek advice from a trainer before you start.  Looking for the safe handling technique.  Needing a good straight back, pivoting form the hips with a wide grip on the bar.  Mainly looking for a straight line down the spine.  Once the form is correct, it is a simple as standing up with the bar.

The best exercise for the advanced trainer is the clean and press.  If you are fairly confident with olympic lifts, taking weight from the floor to above your head uses a lot of different muscles groups.  So what we are going to do is tuck ourselves under the bar, assuming the dead lift position.  When you coming up, you keep the bar as tight to the body as you can, keeping the elbows up and then you will snap underneath the bar.  You can then generally rest the bar along your chest.  Then from here you will do a push press to lift the weight above your head.