Become an Expert By Teaching Others

Become an expert by teaching others.

Something cool happens when we teach others.  It creates a sense of knowing in the brain which, in turn, makes us more confident in that particular subject.  This is a slightly different take on ‘fake it til you make it’ but this can be very powerful.

Think about your mindset around certain situations…for example, if someone is struggling to pick up a technique, like a squat, try asking them to teach you how to do the squat. Basically reversing the role.   So, as soon as they then get into that teaching mindset, they automatically start picking up on the small mistakes they made themselves, ultimately seeing it from a different angle.

Not only is it good from a training angle, it is also useful in everyday aspects of life too.  Recently we have been doing a lot of public speaking and have regularly been told that we look like experts.  However, it’s the old classic of ‘fake it until you make it’ so what you want to do is go ahead and act like you are the expert, keep acting like you are the expert, until you are the expert!

As soon as you start to teach other people, you automatically then start to think about the small details and it’s in those small details that make the bigger details easier because you are so focused on the small, intricate aspects trying to make it as detailed as possible, in doing so you basically trigger off different things that are going on inside your brain that tells you that you are the expert.  As a result of this, you then start to feel a lot more confident in that particular subject.

An action point to this mindset is to have a think about areas in your own life that you don’t think you are an expert but would like to be.  An area that you lack confidence in, which could include weight loss or general happiness.  Start seeking out opportunities where you can talk to others.

The conversation could start off with something as simple as asking for help and just wanting to talk about how you are feeling in general.  Then as the conversation develops you can then start adding your own input and thoughts on what you and other people should be doing.

In teaching, you learn more and then become the expert.