Be Yourself in HD

Always be yourself, but in HD! Hold nothing back. Take some time to understand who you really are, deep down, and you want to be. Then show yourself to the world in as much colour and definition as possible.

Life is full of situations, things that will pull you away from your true identity. So some of the advice that we got right back at the start of this journey was to be yourself BUT bigger! So a bigger version of you, a more colourful version of you. A louder version of you! You in HD!

What do we mean by this…

What we mean by this is a lot of the time we live our lives not fully knowing who you are! You then end up reaction to situations and reacting to life. When you then think about out later on, you may be embarrassed or maybe I think you should of stuck up for yourself. You may think I should of that or I shouldn’t of done this. There are all sorts of situations, so the first step is to spend a bit of time and try to understand who you are.

Sometimes you can be affected by the people around you as well. Again, they affect who you are, try and be your own self. Be yourself, a bigger you in HD.

For example…

When we started this business, we weren’t being ourselves. It wasn’t until we put the kilt on that we felt that e had coloured ourselves in. We had become HD! Rab and I have always enjoyed wearing kilts as true scotsmen as we are, but we had never really worn them as much as we do now! As soon as we are being ourselves, a bigger version of us, showcasing Scotland because we love it and we have just come in to our own. Just by being ourselves but exaggerating it a little.

So you need to ask yourself, how can I make. myself in HD? You can start thinking about the things you eat! Think about your activity, your lifestyle and the things around you! Start painting a picture. Then you need to start colouring that picture in. A really good way of doing this is to imagine that someone is telling your life story, and all the things that you hold true to yourself. You want people to tell stories about you as a person, so then portray that yourself. Paint your life’s picture in your daily actions. Then when you have done that, you just need increase the resolution in HD!

In a nutshell…

So take a wee bit of time to think about who you are, deep down as a person. More to the point who you want to be, because life is full people and situations that will pull and take you away from who you are.