Be Nice! You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through!

Be nice, you never know what someone is going through! In this video we describe how it is very easy to become mad at somebody for not meeting your expectations. However, we try to encourage you to take a moment and try to understand there are sometimes reasons why the person cannot perform to the level you require.

This episode is all about appreciating that other people are going through other things! So basically, don’t be a t**t!! No matte what you have going on in your life, you’ve always got to appreciate that everybody is going to go through their own little struggles and they might nor be the type of person to let their own situation to be known to others.

Our Example…

The classic one being text messages! Generally text messaging has little or no emotion, unless you make full use of the smiley faces! So you could send a text message that is ver y short and very cold, asking someone to do something and they reply very coldly ‘I can’t’. You are then left thinking well why not!? You then build up this issue! You need to to just stop for a moment and show a bit if empathy! You have no idea what is going on in that other persons life at that moment in time.

Especially in this day in age with text messaging and emails, when text messages first came out the whole idea was to get a quick response when you can’t pick up the phone. Thats why they were invented. In this day in age we use it for everyday communication and it is just not ideal. It leaves messages unanswered, it leaves emotions I the balance and you just don’t know how somebody is feeling.

Following on from that, like Stephen said, previously if you were trying to get hold of someone you would probably try and call their house. Now if their hands are full they wouldn’t answer the phone. You would just then leave it and speak to them another time! Now because of the alleged instant response, you are then left thinking where are they!? Why aren’t they answering the phone! You have got to understand that a lot of people have a lot of stuff going on that they probably don’t tell you about either.

Another example…

Now its not just about text messaging, I know we are using that as an example, it can in everyday life! Imagine you walking in to a coffee shop and you see somebody you know and give them a smile and a wave. They then blank you and give you a bit if a frown and walk away. Now, so many different things could be happening in that moment in time. They either did see you but are really down about something or they just didn’t see you. However, instantly, because we internalise everything and make it about us, you then start over thinking about the situation. Commenting on how that person was rude! Even if that person did look you in the eye then turned away, it might just be that person isn’t in a good mood and didn’t want to be nasty towards them!

Just appreciate you just don’t know what somebody is going through! Give people a break and just tae a minute to think you done know what they are going through…just breath and move on!