Are you being righteously wrong?

Righteously Wrong

Is your ego making you righteously wrong?  In this video the coaches analyse situations where a persons ego can be detrimental to their own well being and they both share stories of when they, too, were being righteously wrong.

Are you being righteously wrong?  Here are a couple of examples, recently we had a conversation with someone.  As soon as the conversation comes around your job, we are personal trainers and help people lose weight, get people into exercise, eating well and as soon as the conversation turns that way, people start to make excuses for themselves.

In this particular conversation, this person straight away said they had no time to exercise.  Sometimes its not about having the time to exercise but about making the time to exercise.  It can be anything from having an hours workout to a 10 – 15 minute workout.  Still, they were adamant they had no time for exercise.  Now generally, most people sit and watch tv at some point in the day, whether it be an hour or 20 minutes, its still some spare time to do a workout.  The point being is, no matter what was said this person had an answer or excuse for everything.  It got to the point where they were very righteous and standing strong and protecting their ego by saying she had no time, and no matter what was said she was righteously wrong with her responses.

A personal occurrence of being righteously wrong was with water intake.  It’s commonly said that you should drink 2 litres of water everyday, after reading an article stating that you gain a lot of water intake from the fruits and vegetables you consume, therefore the 2 litres daily requirement might not necessarily be that amount and could be less.  So for about a 6 month period i was very righteous regarding this area and even advised others about it.  Then in doing so I wasn’t training as well, my moods were low and my energy was low because i was dehydrated.  All because i was righteously wrong in that particular topic.

Another personal example of being righteously wrong was during a summer job working in a factoryI, i had seen a sign that encouraged you to park in further away car park.  So i did as the sign said and parked in the allocated car park.  However, everybody else on the shift parked right next to the building in the closest car park.  Thinking the others would get in trouble for parking there as the sign said otherwise, i was very righteous in continuing to park in the furthest away car park.  It turns out that I wasn’t supposed to park there,  due to health and safety!

Other situations where you can be righteously wrong generally occur within your families and family fall outs and a little bit about being stubborn.  The person was so righteous at the time of the fall out but then later realised that they were wrong, but they were too righteous to ever admit that.

All of these situations ultimately come down to your ego!