All Guns Blazing!!

All Guns Blazing!

All guns blazing is a high rep arm workout routine from The Kilted Coaches.  Utilising only 4 basic exercises, this routine will get your guns pumped in no time at all.

The routine is 30 reps per exercise with NO rest in between exercises.  The routine is 3 sets long with a 2 minute rest between sets.

The workout is set outside with minimal equipment so we are using kettle bells for this with The Kilted Coaches method…keep it simple, work hard!  We have 2 exercises for the triceps and 2 exercises for the biceps.

First of all, nice and simple with a bicep curl.  With the kettlebell you can do it standing up but we are going to lean forward slightly so you can get a bit more of a squeeze on the bicep.

Then from the bicep curl, we will go in to a bicep hold.  Bring the arm into a 90 degree angle.  Keeping the fingers open, you don’t have to open the fingers but if you do you will rely less on the grip and the forearm, so nice straight fingers to isolate the bicep and squeeze.  Depending how strong you are will depend on how long you hold it for.

Next we will move on to the tricep extension, holding the horns of the kettle bell with the elbows nice and high and extend the arms.  Watching your head as you drop the kettle bell and making sure it goes behind your head.

The fourth and final exercise is a nice simple bench dip.  Remember the further away your heels are away from your body, the more difficult this will be.  Try and keep the body as close to the bench as much as possible otherwise you will pout strain on the front of the shoulders.

Let’s muscle up buttercup!