Rabby’s Ramblings On The Kilted Coaches… Week of the 4th July

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 16.09.53Hello there, it’s Kilted Coach Rab here with another weeks roundup of nonsense. Nonsense is the only word I could possibly use to describe one video in particular, the apple and cinnamon porridge, piece that we started the week with. I should maybe put it to a vote to rename the episode, “A quick and sure fire way to make an instant arse of yourself on youtube,” although that’s a bit of a mouthful.

Much like the cinnamon was….

So The Kilted Coaches kicked off the week as per usual with a porridge episode which, i’m sure those of you who’ve watched it will agree, quickly escalated into a shambles. The last part was definitely unplanned and unexpected. Possibly a moment of madness but one i’ll never forget.

I make mention in the video as to why anyone on earth would want to do that on tv and with hind site I wish I’d harnessed that same wisdom BEFORE wolfing down a spoonful of TNT and expecting to beat the challenge that so many had fallen to before me. Nevertheless it was a learning experience.

On the whole, the porridge actually tasted quite nice. The flavour of the apple juice really came through and it was very refreshing on the whole. That is, if I remember to soak the oats the night before…

We had another 5am start midweek and I tell you, i’m so glad it’s summer time. Without the daylight i’d be struggling to get out my bed. 5am may sound a bit mad but it’s the only time we can both guarantee we won’t have clients. We are very dedicated to our audience lol

Thursdays release was a bit of fun as we discussed the benefits of milk versus dark chocolate. In our industry we come across certain foods that people tend to go crazy on when they rebel from healthy living. Chocolate is one of those foods and although I don’t have much of a sweet tooth I still enjoy a bit of chocolate from time to time. It’s interesting in the video though, as it was Stephen that kept fecking up, calling milk chocolate “white” chocolate and this is funny to me because white chocolate is by far my favourite and if I was ever to binge on the sugary goodness i’m pretty sure it’d be milky bars i’d demolish.

This weekend coming we are shooting off into the hills for some Kilted camping. I haven’t camped in the wilderness since I was, well I actually can’t remember when it was. A long time ago certainly. We are praying for good weather but knowing our luck here in Scotland it’ll be a rainy affair. I won’t lie when I say the tent we, (okay the ten I bought,) is a little on the cheap side so fingers crossed it endures. We are taking plenty of food with us and a little whisky to keep us warm. And a little more whisky to keep us occupied 😉

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Sincerely cinnamon.

Kilted Coach Rab.


p.s Here are the links to the videos. Enjoy

Apple and cinnamon porridge.

Dark versus Milk Chocolate.