7 Standards to Test Your Fitness

7 standards to test your fitness with. Unsure of how fit you are? Here are 7 standards of fitness that every person should be able to do or at least be working towards.

These are 7 standard exercises that we feel everyone should be able to do. Everybody is going to be different and everybody os going to have their own standards of fitness. Ultimately, going through these exercises will Give you a baseline to see where you stand with allover body fitness.

First of all, we will talk through each exercise individually and also give you levels of progression. Like how you would build up if you are struggling because there are some exercises in there that some people might say I can’t even do 1!!

To start with we will look at front foot balancing. Hold the leg out in front of you and hold that position for a minimum of 45 seconds. initially, some people will really struggle with this. We would recommend a safe, soft environment around you or so that you wouldn’t fall and crack your head. Make sure the leg you are standing on is bent slightly, making sure you have a soft knee, helping you maintain your balance. 45 seconds being a very good standard if you can get that. obviously the longer you can hold it the better. What you can also do as well is pinpoint your focus on 1 position, this will help you with your balance. If you are finding it quite easy, close either 1 eye or both eyes and you will find that you will struggle!

Same goes for the leg backwards. If you can’t manage the 45 seconds just do what you can do. Keep trying and building it up. This is lightly different to the leg in the front because you are leaning over and you are trying to get your body as horizontal as you possibly can. It means there is a lot more activation, your back muscles and your posture muscles have to work lot more. It is a little bit more difficult, so take your time with it. Make sure you try both legs!

Exercise number 3. Plain and simple, a plank! Most people have heard of the plank. Very common exercise because it is a great exercise. Great for testing your core strength and stability. We say a minimum of 60 seconds. if you can get that time, you have a strong core, back and the muscle groups are working together. You can drop the knees. Make suer you have a straight line through the shoulder, hip and the knee. The long term plan is to get the 60 seconds on the full plank position on your toes.

The next one, press ups. For the guys, we say a minimum of 10 press ups and for girls we are looking for 2 FULL press ups. You want to get as low to the ground as possible. You can start on an incline so put your hands on bench or worktop of some kind. You can also start from your knees and then progressively move on to the full press up.

Next exercise is more of a conditioning exercise for the delts is arms out to the side and make small circle motions with straight arms. This one burns!! 60 seconds is a standard, to make it harder we would start holding weights in our hands. For the beginner just 60 seconds small arm circles. This is great fro conditioning the shoulders and keeping them strong.

The next exercise being a squat hold, this will get the quads working. Again 60 seconds minimum, conditioning of the thighs. The same with this exercise, like all the others, do what you can and look to improve. Just make sure you are engaging the thighs.

last but not least, the grip test. Now grip strength is very important. They say to watch out for grip strength as you age. If you have problems with this, its a sign for a lot more problems. There are lots of different ways you can measure this. We are going for a nice and simple exercise. Get a 4 kg weight and hold it with a 3 finger pinch grip, arms straight by your side and hold. make sure that the weight is no where near your toes because the last thing you want to do is drop it on them! We are looking for 45 seconds.

7 standards to know if you are fit!!