52 ways to do PORRIDGE – Peanut Butter

Fifty-two ways to do porridge, this week
Peanut butter. Because everybody loves porridge and everybody loves peanut butter
So we just mashed them together, right?
We’re just going to put the two together.
Let’s get this done
So, everyone has their own way of doing things, we’ve got our way.
Yep, so what we like to do, we like to make the porridge, make sure there’s lots and lots and lots of fluid in there because the peanut butter is going to make it a lot thicker. Spoon. That’s a man spoon.
That’s massive, isn’t it? is that too big?
Right, so what we like to do is, we like to cook up our porridge, and we go for one for one dessert spoon-full and we just mix that round. Hopefully, it comes off the spoon. it’s not coming off.
He’s not doing a very good job of that, is he?
The good thing about putting peanut butter in your porridge, it’s high in Vitamin B6, magnesium,
Magnesium’s a good one.
Right, pour that in.
Turn the gas off.
That smells so good.
Presentation skills.
We need to maybe work on that.
Wheres the jam? There’s the jam.
If you like savoury just porridge and peanut butter really, really nice.
The Americans love their peanut butter and jelly. Yummy.
And so do we.