52 ways to do porridge – It’s jammin’ porridge

52 ways to do porridge this week – It’s Jammin’ Porridge


We’re throwing it back to our childhoods this week with home-made jam in our porridge. Sometimes it’s just best to take it back to basics to make a quick, simple and delicious breakfast. You’ll even get to see a spot of dancing from The Kilted Coaches themselves and a very special appearance from some superb guests.









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52 ways to do porridge this week

The old fashioned way – jam

Porridge and jam – right we need a name for this one

It’s Jammin

It’s jammin porridge let’s get stuck in

Nice and easy cook up your porridge for how long mate?

Two to three minutes

It really doesn’t take long to cook your porridge. The reason we’re doing this one today is because we’ve got loads of fancy recipes and we’re always getting new ideas but actually when Rab and I grew up it was literally just let’s make your porridge and if you want some flavor put some jam in it

This jam was lovingly made by, Mother Clarke.

Do you hear that?


Here we are porridge done

Porridge is done

Let’s get it in the bowl


more dancing

Is that raspberry jam?

Raspberry jam  handpicked raspberries from my mother’s garden and hand made by my mother herself

Oh look at that beautiful jammin porridge

Porridge and jam

Do you know of all the fancy recipes we do something simple like that just takes you back to your childhood