The 3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight Loss Mistakes

If you are trying to lose weight, be sure that you do not fall in to these common traps.  Follow our simple but super effective tips for maximising your results and being rewarded for your efforts.

In this video the coaches will go through the 3 biggest mistakes people make when they are trying to lose weight.  Not only will the mistakes be highlighted to but also the solutions will be given.

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3 of the biggest weight loss mistakes.

Number 1 – cutting calories too much or too quickly.  Now this is a common problem, everyone gets too carried away with this, for example – going form 2500 calories to 500 calories!  People cut out way too much and with a lot of supplements and products available, and these companies that promote this “method” which doesn’t work or should we say it does work…but only in the short term! Going very low calorie, you actually risk going into organ failure, in extreme cases. The lesser extreme case is that you will shoot your metabolism, although you get great results in the beginning days which is why people do this, you will find yourself with low energy, mood and can even find yourself developing depression and anxiety.  This is due to the brain chemistry changing.

Ultimately you will plateau and will not be able to sustain it for any length of time.  Sooner or later you will go back to normal eating and by this point your metabolism, mood, hormone levels will be so low and therefore will put all the weight back on again.

For Example…

A very quick example, here is what happens when you cut out too many calories.  First of all, an average female needs 200 calories per day.  if you are not losing or gaining weight at this time, we can assume that your metabolism stays exactly the same.  What most people to do is excessively cut down their calorie intake.  Therefore, due to their metabolism being quite high, you do have a weight loss.  Which is great, however, what they don’t anticipate is their metabolism will very quickly adapt.  The body then reaches a plateau and this method stops working.  There are two ways go once this stage has been reached.  1 being to cut the calorie intake even more.  The second being the individual losing heart and back to their normal eating and in return they then gain weight.


Number 2 weight loss fail – only doing cardio exercise with nothing else.  Everyone sets out their weight loss goal, get there music going and there gym gear and then decide to just keep running, with nothing else!  by doing cardio alone, your body will become at doing cardio.  So, the main fuel source for cardio is body fat, which is why people do cardio.  If you are only doing cardio then your body will adjust to thinking that cardio is all you are going to do, therefore your body will become efficient at doing cardio.  So in the long term, your body will store more fat as it believes it will need it to accommodate for cardio.


Another reason why only doing cardio is weight loss down fall is, it is very difficult to progress it any further.  It then means you have to spend more and more time doing cardio.  Ultimately you want to be looking to making progress with your training constantly.


Number 3 Weight loss fail – only focussing on calories.  Initially, people were always told it was calories in v calories out and to a certain degree that is correct.  However, you cannot just focus on calories.  You need to ask where these calories coming from and more importantly where are they going?  As you ingest food, it is not just the energy you get form it but also what are these nutrients being used for.  The main one in question is protein.  When you ingest protein, it is known that it is up to 30% of the calories contained within the protein are used just to press the food alone.  So, when the calories from the protein are processed, it doesn’t go to be stored or used as energy.  It is goes to your muscle mass, your connective tissue and everything that builds up to be great fat burning metabolism.


So when you take in the good fats, they have multiple uses like building up cell walls.  Therefore, cutting out fat completely is not a good move as your body needs these good fats.  These days, low fat isn’t the best option.  It is essential to look at you diet as whole.  Optimising your protein, fats and carbohydrates, making sure the they are all balanced.

To summerise…

The 3 biggest weight loss fails are…cutting calories too drastically!  Doing cardio alone! Not looking your macronutrient ratio!  Follow the link below to see all the tips around these epic fails.