It’s time to crack on

This video is a montage of the best ‘it’s time to crack on’ moments!

In September 2016, the kilted coaches held a charity event for the Scottish Air Ambulance, which was called kiltember.  The coaches wore a kilt everyday for the duration of the month of September, promoting lots of local businesses.

On the very last day, the boys were unsure of how to finish the event.  So in order to bring the event to a ‘cracking’ end, they decided to whip their kilts off! You’re welcome!

As expected this became very popular with all their fans and subscribers, therefore deciding to continue with this every Friday.  The most popular ‘crack on’ video is the one called ‘Great Glutes’ reaching over 1 million views on YouTube.  The penultimate scene was then made into a GIF.

Unfortunately YouTube changed its policy on bare bums and didn’t become viable to do it every Friday anymore.  However, all their subscribers still wanted this to happen…obviously! So as a thank you to their loyal fans and subscribers, the “crack on” video was made.

Not only as a thank you to their fans, its is also a thank you to a group called ‘Nerds with Vaginas’ who shared the Coaches GIF, which was made from The Great Glutes.