You “The member” have agreed to the subscription for the online services provided by The Kilted Coaches LLP where all payments are processed by Paypal and all financial information is held by Paypal.

The initial joining fee covers the term upon signing up until the completion of the everlean programme and it is a month to month subscription thereafter(at a reduced fee of £40/month from date of your signup) until instructed to cancel.

All Cancellations must be placed to Support@thekiltedcoaches.com 48 hrs before payment due date AT THE LATEST otherwise you will be charged again for the months subscription.

All fees are non-refundable.

You enter into all programs at your own risk and with the understanding you have been cleared by your medical practitioner to participate in the activities and advice provided by The Kilted Coaches LLP.


The Kilted Coaches LLP does NOT endorse or approve of any other community groups other than official coaching groups with Stephen and Rab whether these other groups are created by members or otherwise. Any person found promoting these groups or soliciting members will be removed from the program effective immediately.

If you are approached with regards to any other group please inform us immediately so that we may take appropriate action to protect the well-being of our members.