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It was after having lunch ( and a couple of whiskies) in 2015 that we came to the conclusion that too many people were taking health and fitness too seriously and in effect the ‘health’ part of that equation was suffering. Creating The Kilted Coaches was our answer to that problem and everything we teach is laid on a foundation of health and happiness.


We believe in training hard, eating healthy nutritious food but having fun and allowing for life along the way. Relax and ensure you enjoy your lifestyle rather than making yourself miserable trying to achieve some unrealistic goal. For us, that means enjoying a few drams of Whisky from time to time.

Be yourself in HD

Be Confident

stop caring what people think

Why the kilts?

We believe that most people either don’t know who they are or are scared to show the real thing. Part of our coaching is encouraging people to take some time and think about who you are deep down and then show that person to the world. Watch the video ‘Be Yourself in HD’ to learn more about this. We love wearing Kilts and Scotland in general plus we’re big kids at heart so why not mix that into wellness coaching?


There are only two things that matter in life….. Health and Happiness. We aim to bring both to as many people across the globe as possible.

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