Affectionately known as 'The Clan'

Become part of a supportive and interactive community The Clan. There with you every step of the way on your health & fitness journey.

  • Expert help, support and guidance on a day-to-day basis,
  • The Clan weekly coaching sessions from us The Kilted Coaches Stephen & Rab,
  • Establish some incredibly powerful yet simple habits that most people overlook, build a foundation for long-term health and fitness.
  • Get results! Our typical members loses 10kg (22lbs) in the first 12 weeks The Everlean Essentials.

What is The Everlean Membership?

There is never going to be a one-size-fits-all health and fitness programme.

The Kilted Coaches, Stephen & Rab have created a way to adopt the The Everlean Programme principles, into actionable steps for YOUR life based on your individual physiology, psychology, previous exercise history (if any), personal goals and any limitations you may have.

  • Everlean Fat Loss and Muscle Tone Exercise System
  • Everlean Progressive Nutrition Coaching System
  • Everlean Mindset and Motivation Training System
  • Everlean Community Accountability System
  • Everlean Life Coaching Protocols

On a weekly basis, you are invited to join The Kilted Coaches Stephen & Rab along with the rest of The Clan, in the live coaching sessions.

  • We feel like we are in it together.  Stephen and Rab have become our mentors, their programs make it fun to stay fit and the community helps you stick to the damn plan!
    LuisEverlean Graduate
Stephen and Rab

“We don’t leave anything to chance on the Everlean Programme. Each week you’ll receive another mindset lesson to keep you motivated for your goals.”

Stephen and Rab The Kilted Coaches

During these sessions, it's a safe space to encourage you to ask questions, address any potential problems you are having with your fitness journey, have a good chit chat with fellow clan members and get all the support and guidance you need straight from us, The Kilted Coaches Stephen & Rab.

How does The Everlean Membership get results?

In the first 12 weeks of The Everlean Membership, known as Everlean Essentials, to save us all time, avoid frustration and get better long term results, we created a framework that your Everlean Membership will accelerate from. This includes...

Everlean Progressive Nutrition Coaching System

Enables you to create sustainable change to your diet, lifestyle and body by drip feeding and layering lessons to form a complete, effective and stress free plan.
Rather than following orders of what to eat and what not to eat, we educate you so you can make your own decisions.

  • No restrictive meal plans
  • Nutrition principles drip fed weekly to reduce overwhelm
  • Build a healthy metabolism
  • Energy optimisation through nutrient selection and timing
  • Library of tasty and easy to prepare recipes

"We believe in training hard, eating healthy nutritious food but having fun and allowing for life along the way. Relax and ensure you enjoy your lifestyle rather than making yourself miserable trying to achieve some unrealistic goal." 

Stephen & Rab, The Kilted Coaches

Everlean Fat Loss and Muscle Tone Exercise System

Suitable for all fitness levels and structured in such a way that is progressive for beginners yet still challenging for the more seasoned gym-goer.

Each workout prepares you for the next, so that by the end of this stage of the Everlean Programme you’ll see an incredible improvement in your fitness ability.

  • Exercise at home. No need for a gym
  • Develop strength, stamina, flexibility and good posture
  • Understand and implement progressive training protocols
  • Build muscle and burn fat
  • Full workout library from beginners to advanced

Everlean Mindset and Motivation Training System

How many times have you said “I know what to do I just don’t do it” and not understand why?

Our weekly mindset and motivation training keeps your head in the game and your goals on track.

  • Motivation mastery to keep you focused
  • Stress reduction to balance hormones.
  • Confidence building to tackle problems head on.
  • The Kilted Coaches helped me become a new more amazing version of myself.  As a Clan member, I found trust, positive energy, straight forward advice and solutions to every problem, learnt more about how my body works in 12 weeks than in 12 years of gym memberships, diet groups and fitness trends.

    Two of the most knowledgeable and inspiring men I’ve ever met!
  • Thanks for all your support.  I can now fit in a dress I wore 16 years ago and never thought I would again.  Still amazed my shape has changed so much.  I’ve lost every week bar 2 where I’ve stayed the same.  (I had lost 1/2 stone before I started the plan) and to date  have lost 1 1/2 stones with you and with 1/2 stone before lost 2 stone in total.  Still have about 3 to go but have made amazing progress so far
    NickyEverlean Graduate

The Everlean Programme membership

Everlean Membership

The Everlean membership (The Clan) provides you with the continuous guidance and support needed to create an ongoing lifestyle and to accelerate your progress with multiple additional benefits.

As an Everlean Member you will have:

- Access to our private community and live coaching sessions with Stephen and Rab.

- The ability to re-enrol on Everlean Essentials as many times as you like at no extra cost.

- Sleep School (see below for more details on this)

- Lifestyle Coaching (see below for more details on this)

- Guided Meditations

- The Clan workout library to keep your training interesting. (This is different from the Everlean workouts)

- The 6 Week Plateau Buster program

- F.E.D. Fluid Exercise Dynamics. Learn to move the natural way.

  • Sleep School

    Sleep School will maximise recovery & improve health, energy and vitality.

    We spend a third of our life sleeping (well at least we should anyway) and it is one of our basic fundamental needs along with air, water, food and shelter. Yet very few people actually give it the attention it deserves.

    This is where Sleep School comes in. We take you through best practices and principles as well as optimising your brain wave patterns for deeper more impactful sleep.  Ever have lucid dreams? Yeh, we talk about that too in Sleep School.

  • Lifestyle Coaching

    Most of your success lies dormant in the form of potential.

    With our lifetstyle coaching lessons we teach you how to unlock and realise your true nature, drop old beliefs and create unstoppable momentum. Breath-taking weight loss is just the beginning.

    We add Lifestyle Coaching periodically and you can look forward to learning breath-work practices, biohacking for longevity, immune system overhauls and much much more.

I'm IN! How to I sign up to The Everlean Programme?

Our membership manager Sharna or one of our team, takes you through the final stages of your new journey, answer any last minute 'I can't commit' niggles, any questions you may have overall that we haven't answered on this page, and discuss your current state of health & fitness as well as your personal goals and weight loss aspirations.

If The Kilted Coaches Stephen and Rab are going to be with you every step of your journey they need to know where you are starting from.

Book your phone call or zoom call TODAY! Alternatively, you can message us on Facebook via the link below.

Alternatively, you can message the Kilted Coaches team on Facebook to get started.

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