Joining ‘The Clan’

This is NOT a program that we just send to you and tell you get on with it. We are there with you every step of the way.


You will be part of a supportive and interactive community where you can ask questions and get expert help on a day-to-day basis.


Each week you are also invited to join us for live coaching sessions to ask questions, address any potential problems, get all the support and guidance you need plus just have a good old chit-chat.


Everything You Need, Whenever You Need it, Wherever You Are!

  • All your programs and lesson are delivered using our new website. You don’t need a gym membership or a room full of kit. Just a couple of kettlebells and enough room to swing a cat (or a kettlebell)!

How Does Everlean Get Results?

There is never going to be a one-size-fits-all program. Even program, routine or diet that has worked for you previously will probably not work for you in the same way because you are different from the ‘you’ in the past. So how does Everlean get results? Simply put…. We coach!


We’ve used our knowledge and experience to put together principles that explains what you need to know then we stand by you every step of the way to help you adopt the right habits into your lifestyle. How each of these principles translates into actionable steps for YOUR life based on your individual physiology, psychology, previous exercise history (if any), personal goals and any limitations you may have.


Before anyone becomes a full Everlean Member we insist on you first completing our Everlean Essentials program. This gives us the opportunity to establish some incredibly powerful yet simple habits that most people overlook, build a foundation for long-term progress and for us to get to know you a little more. Not to mention our typical members loses 10kg (22lbs) in those first 12 weeks Everlean Essentials Program.


What Are Everlean Essentials?

Everlean Essentials is the first 12 weeks of your membership. To save us all time, avoid frustration and get better results the Everlean essentials creates a framework that all future results will accelerate from. This includes…

Everlean Fat Loss and Muscle Tone Exercise System

Our 12-week exercise program is suitable for all fitness levels. Structured in such a way that is progressive for beginners yet still challenging for the more seasoned gym-goer.
The aim of each workout is to prepare you for the next so that by the end of the 12-week program you’ll see an incredible improvement in your fitness ability.

  • Exercise at home. No need for a gym
  • Develop strength, stamina, flexibility and good posture
  • Understand and implement progressive training protocols
  • Build muscle and burn fat
  • Full workout library from beginners to advanced

Everlean Progressive Nutrition Coaching System

In order to create sustainable change to your diet, lifestyle and body you must adapt slowly over time.
Each week we give you a new lesson and explain how to apply it to your life. Rather than following orders of what to eat and what not to eat, we educate you so you can make your own decisions. This results in long-term breath-taking complete body transformations.

  • No restrictive meal plans
  • Nutrition principles drip-fed weekly to reduce overwhelm
  • Build a healthy metabolism
  • Energy optimisation through nutrient selection and timing
  • Library of tasty and easy to prepare recipes

Everlean Mindset and Motivation Training System

Your mind controls your body. How many times have you said “I know what to do I just don’t do it” and not understand why? Our weekly mindset and motivation training keeps your head in the game and your goals on track. We don’t leave anything to chance on this program. Each week you’ll receive another mindset lesson to keep you motivated for your goals.

  • Motivation mastery to keep you focused
  • Stress reduction to balance hormones
  • Confidence building to tackle problems head-on

Everlean Membership

After you have completed your 12-week Everlean Essentials program your Full Everlean membership will commence at only £40 per month. This provides you with the continuous guidance and support needed to create an ongoing lifestyle and to accelerate your progress with multiple additional benefits.

As an Everlean Member you will receive:

  • Access to our private community and live coaching sessions with Stephen and Rab
  • A periodised yearly program that takes out all the guesswork on your Weightloss journey. This includes sleep school, health hacks, our advanced fluid exercise dynamics ‘ F.E.D’ program to move the natural way alongside access to the 6-week plateau buster
  • Sleep School (see below for more details on this)
  • Health Hacks (see below for more details on this)
  • The Clan workout library to keep your training interesting. (This is different from the Everlean workouts)
  • The 6 Week Photoshoot Bootcamp
  • F.E.D. Fluid Exercise Dynamics. Learn to move the natural way


Thinking about joining the clan?

Simply fill out all your details here and one of the Kilted Coaches team will be in touch to discuss the journey of becoming a Clan Member

I love this program, the community, and the leadership from you guys.  It is easily the best program I’ve been a part of!

Written By Rebecca Davis
Everlean Member

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