How to lose weight effectively

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This guide seemed so logical from the start and I'm so happy that it didn't disappoint. I've already dropped 7lbs just by implementing this free advice into my training and nutrition. Thanks Coaches.

Julie Shrop Julie Shrop
Stamford, New York
  • Most effective nutrition principles that so many people overlook.
  • How to structure your training no matter what type of exercise you prefer.
  • A reliable time frame for your DREAM GOAL.
  • How to stay motivated for long term success.

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Hello Stephen and Rab,

I thought your ebook worth a look because obviously I have been doing something wrong as the weight isn't coming off. I've just finished reading it and NO WONDER I WASN'T LOSING WEIGHT!!!!! Consistency is my middle name in so many areas of my life but not exercise and eating habits. (That was a shock lol). I have been looking at losing weight all wrong too! If I treat it like an experiment - To find out what changes I need to make to my lifestyle to become slim and gorgeous again - I can't fail - I just change what isn't working to find the right combinations for me. Your ebook really addressed where I was struggling and I love that it wasn't "you must do this and not that!" - I am in control - I can choose my forms of exercise and what I eat - but I have a MUCH better understanding of how much water I need and why my efforts weren't working. I have hope again 🙂 

- Tracey