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Full of questions and keen to know more? Please see our FAQ section below, detailing some of the main questions that we get asked about our programs:

Prior to the programme start, we will allow new members to participate in certain Clan workouts in the programme, these are not the EverLean scheduled exercises. We will discuss certain challenges in our EverLean forum and assign certain exercises from this workout library to be done so as you can assess your current level of fitness. These are purely voluntary and you do not have to participate but we do encourage you to look through the Clan Workouts and give a few a try.

The EverLean fitness and nutrition programme will officially start on a designated date. Only at that time will the programme and schedule be made available to you. The programme start date will be according to whatever time zone you have designated during sign up. Given that we have members all over the world, some members will gain access before others based on their time zone. The programme will also have a defaulted start time (for example 7am) this does not mean you must do your workouts at that time, you decide how to fit the exercise into your schedule. You may move around days to suit your lifestyle, for example- doing your rest day on another day and swapping out length of cardio on given days. However, we do not recommend doing this until you are a bit more proficient with the programme and understand a training schedule for your body.

Two kettlebells are the suggested equipment needed. However, if kettlebells cannot be obtained, hand weights can be used. You could also try making a weighted bag to swing like a kettlebell. Some people choose not to use any weights at all and others choose to use items like water bottles, it is your choice. The exercises using kettlebells are not until week 3.

Suggested weights: 8 kg for females, 12kg for males

Note that these are just suggested weights, the weight you may need to use may be lighter or heavier depending on your fitness and strength level. It is suggested that you choose a heavier weight to progress up to however you do not want to injure yourself trying to lift a weight that is too heavy. Any time you lose form you should consider the weight too heavy and should use a lighter weight to ensure correct form.

Each exercise will have a demonstration and instructions on sets and reps. The videos are not the full length of time for doing the workouts, they are only demonstrations. Feel free to use your own music and do the exercises in your own time frame.

We suggest using a timer or stopwatch for your sets.

Ultimately this will depend on you, but EverLean has been designed to be done every single day for the 12 weeks of the programme. There is a rest day included but we suggested that you still do a warm up and stretches on that rest day (active recovery). The schedule will be dropped into your app once the program starts and will outline each day.

We use a forum on our website to deliver up to date, current content and to discuss areas and items you may be struggling on. We do this via webinar coaching sessions and weekly posts like the Weekend Warrior, 1 Tonne challenge, or Weekly Accountability- these are not compulsory, and you do not have to post or participate.

Please remember that the EverLean forum is what we call our Clan in such as that we are a supportive, nurturing, and positive community. Please be respectful and kind at all times, no selling or posting of outside products or videos and be careful when offering and accepting medical based advice from other members.

Every Sunday we will post up the time for the week of when the live coaching sessions will be. All times are listed in UK(gmt) time as we are in Scotland. Use Google to get your time adjustments. On that day and time, simply come into the EverLean forum and join us.  If you cannot make a Livestream do not worry as you can always watch it later and we encourage even if you did catch us live to re-watch the session to gain more insight. If you have a question you would like answered during the session by the coaches, then please post it by typing a question into the comment area below the live video. Please note that we will try our very best to attempt to answer all questions during the live streams but sometimes it is impossible to do so, please re-ask or post up your question if not answered or you cannot find the answer to it and we will try to answer it.

To have a question answered quickly, it is best to ask it into the forum. Simply title it with what kind of question it is, for example a nutrition question, coaching help, or general program question. Then ask your question and submit, our moderators will look it over and if ok, post it to the group.

Then drop us an email at: [email protected]

But please give us time to answer you as we get swamped with emails daily.

If you are unsure about any of the exercises please just ask straight into the forum.

Yes. Usually within the first few weeks of the program starting many new members require modified versions of certain exercises. We will create a post for modifications so everyone can ask in the same place. We will then host a webinar going through all alternative options for the exercises you struggle with.

Yes, we highly recommended that you do. Your body needs time to adjust to heavy exercise, doing a proper warm-up ensures that your muscles are warm and ready to work. After working out, your body needs time to come off that rigorous workout, stretches and cooling down are a great way to give your body that special attention it needs after working hard for you.

No you do not have to take measurements and progress photos but we highly encourage you to. There is an instructional video on the website/app as to how to take measurements. Note that we only have measurement spots for upper arms, upper thigh, waist, hips and overall body weight. We do not track body fat percentage or chest measurements but you can if you wish.

We recommend weighing and measuring once a week for tracking purposes. It has been suggested by members to get a pair of ‘progress pants’ or other clothing items that you wish to fit into and then use those as a guide to how you are losing.

Your protein requirements will change depending on your weight loss, we will discuss this in our first nutrition video. We do not offer a tracker for your protein requirements, members can do this on their own. There are apps and guide out there for how to do it. Also for those not used to eating so much in a day, go slow, build slowly up, listen to your body

Yes you can but we cannot give you details on any specific ones. If you have any questions or need suggestions post a message into the group or scroll back through previous posts, no doubt your question has been asked before in the past.

Yes and no. Anything with caffeine in it (coffee, tea, green tea) and alcohol does not count as these actually dehydrate you. Everything else counts. However we do recommend that you stick with just plain water as other drinks may have sugar and additives that aren’t good for you.

Yes you can however beware of additives and hidden sugars in flavourings.

We do not recommend carbonated water due to the carbonation factor however, you may choose to use carbonated water in order to wean yourself off sodas or to ease into drinking still water.

No, we do not like to do this as it can get very complicated however some members choose to on their own

No, but you may if you wish.

Yes, but remember in moderation and that this will still add sugar to your diet

It is suggested to take magnesium, hydrate yourself, add some salt to your water (just a little)

We would prefer you to not do this, as conflicting or too much information can be confusing.

We are not medical professionals so it is best to ask your doctor. When signing up for this program we had you sign a waiver stating that you were fit to join in and if needed, were being looked after by a medical professional.

EverLean is NOT designed to rehabilitate injuries and/or attend to specific and chronic/acute musculoskeletal pain. We are not able to provide advice for specific conditions or promise benefits relating to unique situations. Any and all medical problems should be addressed by your physician and medical providers.

Ask your question into the Clan or Email Tracy at: [email protected]

The EverLean 12 week programme is by no means an end to your workout time, it is only the beginning, a platform by which to build upon. From here, you will have a membership in the Clan with access to all the workouts and nutrition you have just gone through. Once the everlean program is completed the member moves into the graduates content which includes sleep school, health hacks, F.E.D program and also the plateau buster plan!

No matter if you stay in the Clan or leave, we hope that you will have gained the education, the motivation, and the inspiration to achieve true health and happiness!




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