everLEaN 12-Week Body and Mind Transformation Program


Our LIFESTYLE, EXERCISE and NUTRITION (LEaN) Program is designed to cut through the diet industry nonsense and give you a SOLID, STEP-BY-STEP ACTION PLAN which gradually builds you up over 12 weeks to achieve BREATH-TAKING AND SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS.

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What to expect with everLEaN

  • To lose weight and keep it off
  • To have more energy from the minute you wake up
  • To feel fitter, stronger and lighter
  • To understand and enjoy food
  • To gain clarity of mind of your goals and what it takes to achieve them
  • To be educated with what's really important for health and long-term fat loss
  • To smile knowing this is the last diet you will ever do

Coach Stephen and Rab laid out how to lose weight and keep it off in clear steps. The information was enlightening. Their presentations and guidance allowed me to incorporate the principles into my daily routine. I am the better for having done the program. I highly recommend the everLEaN program to everyone who seeks results to change their level of fitness for life.

Erik Wood, everLEaN Graduate
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What you get with the Program

One of the main things that stops people from taking regular and consistent action is overwhelm. Getting a full new diet and intense training all in one go can be daunting and statistics show most people don't last more than 4 weeks.

With everLEaN we use our clever App technology to drip feed you lessons on a week-to-week basis. This allows you to focus on what is important NOW rather than thinking about the full program.

The Coaching area allows you to track your measurements and progress photos. We'll even make a graph for you so that you can see your progress visually.

The schedule keeps you right with what you should be doing on each day and prompts you to take your measurements.

If you don't have a smart phone or just prefer using a computer all the same features are available via our website members area.


Follow others that have transformed their bodies.

You'll be joining numerous others across the world who have gone through our program achieving fantastic results. What could you achieve in 12 weeks?

Previous everLEaN client Liz.

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"We're tired of seeing people pursue their weight loss goals only to be left miserable and unhealthy. Instead, we educate you on how to eat and train so that you can still enjoy a few luxuries and handle whatever life throws at you. All while getting in the best shape of your life."

- Stephen and Rab, The Kilted Coaches

We care about every single one of our clients, your goals become our goals. It's for this reason we wanted to give you a little more than what you get in most other online fitness programs.

Our nutrition lessons empower you to make your own choices for the rest of your life.

The exercise programs can be adapted, swapped around and repeated for the rest of your life.

But the thing we are most proud of is the mindset lessons. The mindset and motivation training give you the focus and determination to engage with the program and take solid and consistent action. Whats more, you'll understand the very things that were holding you back before or causing you to revert back to your old ways. It's time to change for good.

Join today and lose 1-2 jean sizes over the next 12 weeks

I feel pretty good about myself & appearance & that makes me happy. I want to thank you both for encouraging me to join the program & teaching me what to eat & the way to eat. Before joining the program I never knew much about protein, fiber, fats & carbs. Thank you for your knowledge, your encouragement, the exercises & in general your personalities. You've made a difference in my life.

Patricia Genovese, everLEaN Graduate

How much does the everLEaN Program cost?

Our flagship program everLEaN is included as part of your Clan membership. Simply let us know when you would like to start and we'll add it onto your account at no extra cost.

It's important to choose your own start date because the lessons are drip fed to avoid overwhelm and you'll receive messages from us to keep you on track.

If you are a Clan member please email coaches@thekiltedcoaches.com from the email address you use to sign in with and we'll add everLEaN onto your account.

P.S. Please don't make your email too lengthy. To help us avoid spending too long reading emails a simple 'everLEaN on (insert your desired start date) please' would be great for us.

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