One-to-One Coaching

Our one-to-one coaching is designed to transform your life, not just your health and fitness. We want you to have complete focus and clarity about your life, have unshakable self-confidence and operate on the highest level of performance possible – whatever it is that you want most in life.

You'll get individually tailored nutrition coaching, an exercise program that takes into consideration your goals, exercise history and limitations (if any). Through weekly video calls we'll ensure your progress and delve into any blocks that may present themselves.  Ultimately, we get results by being there for you 24/7 (unless we're sleeping).

Our coaching is different with any single person we work with quite simply because everyone is different. You are unique and you require a unique approach to realise your potential and to fully experience a life you love.

We aren't going to ask you to be something you’re not or have no interest in. We only ask that you keep an open mind to the reality that you can be so much more with what you already have. If you’re excited about exploring your possibilities, creating change in your life and finally be the 'You' that you already know you are then it's time to listen to your instincts and take action.

We've been helping people like you to transform their body and life for well over a decade and we want you to know that it's more than just money you need to invest. We need your attention, your willingness to change but most of all we need your emotional investment to own up to your short-comings so we can smash through barriers and unlock the real you.

We only work with a very small number of people at this level and there is a minimum three month contract. To be accepted as a client we schedule a free video call to ensure we are the right coach for you and that you are the right client for us. Please apply below.

Your Investment

Your investment for 1-2-1 coaching with The Kilted Coaches* is $500 per month (minimum 3 month contract). We understand this level of coaching is not for everyone and we do offer our Clan membership as an alternative.

*Coaching works better when it's ONE coach and not two. You will have time with both but the majority of your coaching time will be with either Stephen OR Rab and not both together.


Disclaimer: If you've seen any of our Youtube videos you'll know already that we swear, we tell it how it is and we don't pander to BS. However we do like to laugh and we have a very unique coaching style that can often create change through the 'back door'.

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